YouTuber Slick Goku Death – The Tragic Demise of the YouTube Animator


The YouTube community was left in shock on January 21, 2023, with the confirmation of the tragic death of YouTuber Slick Goku. The heartbreaking news was officially announced by his family, who also shared a GoFundMe page aimed at supporting the expenses for his funeral. Within a span of four years, Slick Goku had gained a tremendous following of over 250,000 subscribers, and his captivating videos had garnered tens of millions of views. This article will tell you everything about YouTuber Slick Goku death and why he was so popular.

Slick Goku’s Real Identity

Did you know that Slick Goku, the famous American YouTuber and gamer, actually went by the name Reggie Groover? He was very popular on social media and YouTube, where he started his gaming channel on December 1, 2018. He uploaded 591 videos that have captivated his audience, resulting in an impressive 264,000 subscribers and 43.7 million views.

His latest video, titled “Eren Jaeger Meets Optimus Prime (SFM),” was posted on January 18, 2023. He was only 27 years old at the time of his death.  Slick Goku became renowned for his talent in bringing short videos and skits to life through animation. Within his personally crafted universe of characters, he delighted his audience with his creative creations. Originating from Goleta, California, Slick Goku resided in Santa Barbara, California within the United States. Janice, Reggie’s mother, expressed heartfelt admiration for her son’s artistic spirit. She fondly shared that Reggie had a natural gift for making friends wherever he went.

He was a compassionate individual who always lent support to those he cared about. Reggie had an incredible artistic spirit. With dedication and passion, he built his own YouTube community and put in sincere efforts to produce unique and captivating videos.

Tragic News: Slick Goku’s Departure

Heartbreaking news emerged on Saturday, January 21, 2023, as the family of YouTuber Slick Goku confirmed his untimely demise. Slick Goku, whose real name was Reggie, tragically passed away two days prior on January 19, 2023. The exact cause of his passing was a severe seizure and cardiac arrest, as reported by fellow voice actor Freddie Heinz. While the family provided limited details, they did disclose that Reggie departed from this world surrounded by his loved ones.

Slick Goku’s Admirable Fanbase and Online Reach

Slick Goku effortlessly attracted a devoted group of fans throughout his time on YouTube. Within a short span of four years, Slick Goku managed to accumulate an impressive fanbase of 293,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has posted about 594 videos. Additionally, his remarkable content garnered a staggering 43 million views, showcasing the extent of his online reach. He also had a presence on Instagram with 2590 followers. His Twitter X account has a following of 10.9 K.

Slick Goku’s Financial Worth

According to a reliable source,, Slick Goku had an estimated net worth of $10,000. This serves as an indication of his success as a content creator and animator. JB Coleman, a close friend of Reggie Groover, shared heartfelt words of remembrance. JB expressed that Reggie was not only a dear friend but also the epitome of what a best friend should be. Despite knowing each other for only seven years, their bond felt as if it had spanned a lifetime.

Reactions from Slick Goku’s Fans

Slick Goku’s fans have responded to the tragic news of the YouTuber’s death with overwhelming sadness. On a YouTube tribute video titled “Goodbye Bro,” numerous comments have emerged paying tribute and expressing condolences. One individual mentioned that they were taken aback by the suddenness of the news and remarked, “This news about Youtuber Slick Goku’s death really comes out of nowhere.

He will be greatly missed, and his legacy will always be remembered.” Another fan expressed their sentiments, stating that there would never be another content creator quite like Youtuber Slick Goku. They conveyed their sincerest prayers for Youtuber Slick Goku and hoped that their soul would find eternal peace.

A Surprise Video on Slick Goku’s YouTube Channel

Fans were taken aback on May 15, 2023, when a new video suddenly appeared on Slick Goku’s YouTube channel. Prince Vegeta, in the video description, disclosed that they had obtained access to the account with the assistance of Reggie’s family. Prince Vegeta further mentioned that Reggie had been diligently working on a few videos prior to his passing. In the spirit of honoring his memory, both Slick Goku’s team and family pledged their utmost efforts to recover and present these valuable creations to the eager audience.

Bottom Line

YouTuber Slick Goku death has left the YouTube community in shock. With a significant fanbase and a promising future in content creation, his untimely death has deeply saddened his followers and sparked efforts to honor his memory by sharing his unfinished work.