Fatal Police Encounter – Investigation Reveals Tragic Death of Jamie Feith in Hyde Park

Jamie Feith

A police officer in Hyde Park was involved in a tragic incident where he shot and killed a woman named Jamie Feith. The incident happened last year on April 29, 2022, while the police were investigating a domestic disturbance at her home. The state Attorney General’s Office recently announced that the officer, Joshua Kemlage, will not face criminal charges for his actions.

According to the investigation report from the AG’s Office of Special Investigation, Officer Kemlage was justified in shooting Jamie Feith because she had a knife and posed a threat. The shooting took place in the kitchen of the house where Jamie Feith lived with her boyfriend and their three young sons. It is a deeply saddening event, and the investigation concluded that the officer’s actions were deemed necessary under the circumstances.

Tragic Incident: Jamie Feith’s Call for Help in Hyde Park

On the afternoon of April 29, 2022, the police were called to a home on North Cross Road in response to a domestic dispute. Jamie Feith, a 34-year-old woman, had made the call, reporting physical and verbal abuse by her husband. Officers Joshua Kemlage and Bryan Sweeney, along with Trooper Christopher Miller from the State Police Troop K unit in Rhinebeck, promptly responded. At the scene, they found Feith, her husband (referred to as N.D. in the report), and their three young children.

Jamie Feith and the Difficult Decisions Faced by Officer Kemlage

During a fight at home, things got really bad when Jamie Feith, her husband, and the police got involved. When Officers Kemlage, Sweeney, and Trooper Miller showed up at their house, Feith stopped cooperating and got angry. Apparently, Jamie Feith got really difficult and rude when Officer Kemlage tried to get some basic information. Trooper Miller saw Feith push Kemlage, which made everyone worry about their safety.

As Kemlage tried to lead Feith out of the bedroom, she took out a knife from her pocket and pointed it at the officer in a scary way. Even when they told her to drop the knife, Feith kept moving toward the officers in a threatening way. To protect themselves and others, Officer Sweeney tried to use a Taser on Feith, but it didn’t work. So, Officer Kemlage had to use force to protect himself and everyone else, as the law in the state allows. It’s really sad, but he ended up shooting Feith four times and she died.

According to the law in New York, it’s okay to use deadly force if someone honestly and truly believes that force is about to be used against them. In this case, if Feith posed a threat of deadly force, Officer Kemlage didn’t have to run away before using deadly force to protect himself or others. These laws are in place to make sure people can defend themselves in a similar situation, based on what a reasonable person would do.

Kemlage Cleared in Domestic Dispute Shooting

The Office of Special Investigation looked at the facts and decided that it would be hard for a prosecutor to prove that Officer Kemlage didn’t reasonably believe that he had to use deadly force to protect himself and Miller. Because of this, they won’t file charges against Kemlage.

Paul DerOhannesian, the lawyer who represented Kemlage and Sweeney, said that this case shows the dangers that law enforcement faces every day, where they have to make quick decisions. He also thanked the attorney general’s office for carefully reviewing the evidence, which showed that physical force was necessary for this unfortunate and tragic situation.

New Details Emerge in Domestic Dispute Incident

The report tells us more about what happened during the incident. N.D., the husband, said that he and Jamie Feith were having problems in their relationship and had spoken about separating. They tried to work things out for their kids. In January 2022, things got worse. Jamie Feith threw something at N.D. during an argument, and he slapped her in return. This was the first time Feith called the police to their home. The police had been there at least two other times before the shooting on April 29.

On that day, the couple argued about N.D.’s alleged cheating. When Jamie Feith asked to see his phone and he said no, she called the police. They had smoked marijuana together earlier in the day, according to N.D. Feith’s younger brother told investigators that she had been dealing with mental health problems since high school. He said they had been together for seven years.

The last time he saw her, two days before her death, she didn’t have bruises on her face like the officers saw on April 29. In New York, when civilians are killed by the police, the state attorney general reviews the case. If the office doesn’t press charges, they have to release a public report. The attorney general’s office already shared body camera footage from Trooper Miller in May.

Impact on the Community

The impact of Jamie Feith’s passing was felt deeply within the community they were a part of. Their absence created a void that resonated with a sense of loss and nostalgia. The news prompted an outpouring of stories, memories, and tributes, highlighting the profound influence Jamie had on those around them. It served as a reminder of the power one person can have in shaping the lives of others.

Bottom Line

The tragic incident involving the fatal police encounter with Jamie Feith in Hyde Park has been thoroughly investigated by the Attorney General’s Office. It has been determined that the officer’s actions were justified under the circumstances, highlighting the difficult decisions faced by law enforcement officers in dangerous situations.