Girlfriend Tortures Boyfriend with Toothpaste – A Harrowing Account of Coercive Control

Coercive Control

Domestic abuse is common. It occurs regardless of gender. But, society’s stories often overshadow male victims. In this article, we cover the harrowing account of Gareth Jones. He was a victim of coercive control and physical abuse by his partner, Sarah Rigby. His story will shed light on the broader issue of men being victimized in domestic abuse. It will cover the psychological impacts and the support available.

The Case of Gareth Jones Coercive Control & Psychological Abuse

Gareth Jones is an NHS project manager. She endured nonstop mental and physical abuse. It was from his girlfriend, Sarah Rigby. Rigby used manipulative tactics. These included harsh insults. They also included physical assaults and tight control over Gareth’s life and money. She called Gareth names like “fat whale” and forced him to eat toothpaste. These actions show the extreme measures of coercive control.

The Impact of Coercive Control (dominate another person)

Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse. The abuser aims to dominate their partner through manipulation and intimidation. This abuse can cause severe psychological harm for the victim. It can lead to:

  1. Low Self-Esteem: Constant belittlement can distort a victim’s self-image and self-worth.
  2. Living under continuous threat causes chronic stress, leading to anxiety and depression.

What was Gareth’s Psychological Trauma

Gareth’s account reveals the profound psychological trauma inflicted by Rigby. He reported feeling degraded, worthless, and fearful. It had lasting effects on his mental health. These experiences are not isolated incidents. They reflect a wider pattern of coercive control that many male victims face.

Physical Abuse Consequences He Get 

Sarah Rigby’s abuse extended beyond psychological manipulation to physical violence. Gareth endured regular physical assaults, including kicking, biting, scratching, and hitting. This violence left Gareth with bruises. He also got a scar on his nose from being hit with a glass candle holder. The physical abuse Gareth suffered had significant health implications, including:

  1. Physical Injuries: Bruises, scars, and other injuries resulting from the assaults.
  2. Emotional Toll: The trauma of physical abuse takes a toll on mental well-being.
  3. Financial Dependence: Rigby’s control over Gareth’s finances further exacerbated his vulnerability.

Rigby’s Financial Domination Makes Gareth Weak

Sarah Rigby controlled Gareth’s money. She dictated his spending, watched his bank accounts, and limited his access to money. This financial domination left Gareth feeling trapped and powerless.

Gareth’s Efforts on Seeking Help and Support 

Despite the challenges, Gareth eventually found the courage to seek help. Support systems exist for male victims of domestic abuse. They include helplines, counseling, and legal aid. Gareth’s journey shows the need to break the silence. It shows the need to seek professional help.


Gareth Jones’s story is a stark reminder. Domestic abuse affects people of all genders. By sharing his experience, we hope to raise awareness. It will encourage empathy. It will promote a society where victims get the support they need to escape abuse.