How to Get a Cat to Like You

Persian Cat

Clearly known facts that a cat’s affections are different from a dogs’, and to get jealous of a dogs’ love for their fellow humans would not be accurate. We know the distant and self-involved nature of a cat thus, spending an effective amount of time and patience might help you to know your cat’s nature, and also helps you to acquire a good bond with your kitty.

To get affectionate by your kitty you must put forward a little effort:

1. Provide Your Cat With Plenty of Toys

Toys are of a great asset for your cat and will keep her mentally and physically stimulated for hours. This enrichment is the first way to get her to like you. Every cat has a different personality and based on that they prefer certain toys to others. To keep your cat’s minds activated keep rotating the toys on a regular basis so that they don’t get bored easily. Keep supervising the toys that have smaller components, such as plastic eyes, that your cat could potentially swallow.

2. Have Regular Playtime With Your Cat

Cats are generally very independent and can probably entertain own-self, but they still need to have some time with their parent every day. At least, give her 15-20 minutes of playtime daily with her new toys and keep increasing the duration with advance days at the same time interval every day. This will make her look forward to something and will help you maintain positive bonding sessions with her.

3. Maintain a Regular Feeding Schedule

Feeding your cat also helps to bond with her, it is preferable to feed her at specific times of the day, rather than leaving food out in the bowl all day long. When I bought my Persian cat in Bangalore, I read all the food-related information about a cat. By this, your cat will know you as a source of her food. Consult with our veterinarian for other varieties of food, by determining the type of food best for your cat’s health depending on her age, weight, breed, etc.

4. Give Treats to Your Cat

Giving the occasional treat to your cat can also be a good way to get your cat to like you. Treats must make up 10 -15% of your cat’s diet since they provide little nutritional benefit, this must not be more than 2 to 3 times per week. Treat them as a reward for her good behavior.

5. Pet Your Cat

Learn your cat’s body language, to know the indications that show she likes you. Let’s say, head bunting, where a cat lowers her head and tries to rub the top of her head against your body; rubbing her cheek against you to mark with her scent. Imitating some of your cat’s body language back to her as petting will deepen your bond with her and show her that you have the same affection. Always remember that cats love to be petted near the areas of their scent glands.

6. Grooming Your Cat

Before you buy a Persian cat, you should check the grooming details of the cat. Brushing and grooming are some great things that your cat will love and allow you to do every day for hours. Grooming cats have health benefits and are advised by our professionals to do that every day.

7. Have Quiet Interactions with Your Cat

Such interactions are meant to be quiet and calm when your cat sits near you and you show love while speaking to her in a low voice. This will warm her up and she will become more comfortable with you.

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