10 Best Career Opportunities in IT After Graduation 

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In recent years, information technology has played a vital role in the growth of the global economy. When the entire world was struggling after the recession in 2008, IT companies paved the way for enormous growth. The adoption of digital technologies led to the popularity of many unorthodox career choices very different from the traditional jobs. New career opportunities in the field of information technology were created to handle the enormous growth. As a result, companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, and others that are a part of the digital economy became one of the biggest companies in the world. In this article, we will discuss the jobs available for graduates in the field of data science, machine learning, digital marketing, and other information technology domains. So, let’s look at some of the career opportunities you can pursue after graduation.

Data Scientist

The creation of a huge amount of business data, and the need to extract useful information from that data has made data science one of the most lucrative careers after graduation. Nowadays, Companies are willing to pay data science professionals a good salary if they have the skill to derive knowledge from the available data which can help them develop consumer-centric solutions.  Due to the increasing dependency of companies on data for decision making, data scientists are in high demand in recent times and this trend is going to continue in coming years.

To excel in the field of data science, you will need to have good programming skills and good data visualization and analytical skills. You will also need to know statistics,  artificial intelligence, and machine learning concepts.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most lucrative fields in which you can make your career after graduation. With the adoption of artificial intelligence in different fields, the demand for artificial professionals has skyrocketed in recent years. Contrary to that, the availability of skilled professionals has not increased much. This has led to a big supply-demand gap for skilled artificial intelligence professionals which you can harness to have a great career in artificial intelligence after graduation.

To be an excellent artificial intelligence engineer, you will need to have good programming and analytical skills. Having good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, robotics, and graph theory will also help you have a great career in artificial intelligence after graduation.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning has been adopted by companies hand in hand with artificial intelligence. It has helped companies to make personalized solutions for consumers and to make data-driven decisions using predictive analytics. To become a good machine learning professional, you need to have a good knowledge of programming, probability, statistics, data analytics along with machine learning concepts. You can learn these skills online on platforms like InsideAIML.

Data Analyst

With a lot of data being generated and stored by the companies to use for their business, there is a strong demand for professionals who can extract knowledge from the stored data. If you can analyze the data and take out valuable information from the data that helps the company, you can have good career opportunities as a data scientist after graduation.

To become a data analyst, you will need to have a good understanding of mathematics and statistics along with programming skills.

Cyber Security Specialist

With the generation and storage of a vast amount of business data, it becomes important to save the data from unauthorized access. This is where a cybersecurity specialist is needed.  You can make a career after graduation just by helping companies to protect their digital assets. Nowadays, Cybersecurity specialists are in high demand and their salaries are also very competitive. To become a good cybersecurity professional, you will need to have a good understanding of network security, mathematics, and cryptographic techniques besides computer programming.

Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for implementing ideas into software applications. As a software developer, you will have to software applications by writing source code for implementing different functionalities. To become a software developer, you will have to be good at logical thinking and analysis so that you can analyze the requirements and implement them. Being a team player will also help you to become a good software developer as you will always be working with a team to implement the software solutions.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality assurance engineers are responsible for testing the software that has been developed. They make sure that the software works in the desired way. This can be the best job after graduation for you if you are good at critical analysis. The key skills required to be a quality assurance engineer are analytical and investigative thinking and attention to detail. You will also need a good understanding of software automation tools besides programming to excel in this field.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps is an acronym for Development and Operations. As a DevOps engineer, you will work for the deployment of applications, managing the network operations, facilitating automation, and working with the software development team on developing new applications. To become a DevOps engineer, you will need to know different programming languages, computer architecture, Unix systems, and GitHub.

Blockchain Developer

You must have heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and Ethereum. These cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology. Although blockchain technology is new to the world, it has a huge potential in areas of supply chain management and FinTech. As a blockchain developer, you will be responsible for developing algorithms and implementing architectures to execute the algorithms for creating blockchain networks. To have career opportunities as a blockchain developer after graduation, you will need to be proficient in programming. Apart from that, you will need a deep understanding of security protocols, consensus algorithms, and other blockchain technologies.

Digital Marketing Executive

After the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more businesses are going online. Due to this, digital marketing has taken a leading role in shaping the strategy of businesses. As a digital marketing executive, you are required to plan and execute social media campaigns, search engine optimization, and analyze the recent trends to create more opportunities for your company. If you are creative and have good communication skills along with technical knowledge, you can have good career opportunities in digital marketing after graduation.


In this article, we have discussed various types of jobs for graduates in the field of information technology. We have covered areas from digital marketing to machine learning and data science which are on the opposite sides in terms of required skills. You can learn various machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence concepts from interactive courses on platforms like InsideAIML to get a good career in IT after graduation.