Angus Cloud and Mac Miller – Fans Spot Striking Similarity

Angus Cloud and Mac Miller

The unexpected death of actor Angus Cloud on July 31, 2023, has brought up a fascinating theory among his fans. Some people believe that Cloud and the late musician Mac Miller might be related. Fans have noticed some uncanny similarities between the two, like their looks and the way they act. This theory has sparked a lot of curiosity and speculation. People are eager to learn more about the possible connection between these two artists. After Mac Miller’s death in 2018, a theory began to emerge.

When Angus Cloud was cast in the popular show Euphoria, fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities between him and the late rapper. In his role as Fezco, some fans believe that the character’s struggles with drugs, both using and selling, have a connection to Mac’s own battles with addiction. But, is there any truth to these speculations? Curiosity continues to grow as people question the possible links between them.

Angus Cloud’s Respectful Vow to Preserve Mac Miller’s Legacy

Malcolm McCormick, widely known by his stage name Miller, tragically passed away at the tender age of 26. The cause of his untimely death in 2018 was determined to be an accidental overdose. The striking resemblance between Angus and Mac was often the talk of the fans, fueling speculation about a possible biopic with the Euphoria star portraying the late rapper. Angus Cloud, who bore a strong resemblance to the late rapper Mac Miller, made a special promise.

Despite the possibility of being cast to play Mac in a movie, Angus vowed not to take on that role. During the interview with ETalk, Angus Cloud expressed his view that he would be unable to properly honor someone’s life and legacy, particularly in the case of Mac Miller. He acknowledged Mac’s status as a legendary figure who will forever be remembered with reverence.

Angus emphasized the need for a great deal of respect and understanding when attempting to portray someone else, citing his own unpreparedness for such a significant undertaking at this time. Angus Cloud’s decision to honor Mac Miller’s memory has touched the hearts of his fans and those who appreciate the rapper’s music, showing immense respect for an extraordinary artist.

Angus Cloud Death

Angus Cloud’s death was a very sad and shocking event. The details of what happened have not been shared with the public yet. The police were called to help in Oakland on July 31, 2023, and when they arrived, they found Angus not alive. This happened soon after he had buried his father. TMZ, a news outlet, said that Angus’s family told them he was really struggling with the loss of his father in the days before he died.

In a statement, the family found comfort in the idea that Angus is now with his dad again. His dad was not just a parent to him, but also his closest friend and someone he trusted. The family also recognized that Angus was open about his ongoing mental health battles, and they hope that his death can remind people that they should not carry these burdens alone or keep them secret. In their loving message, the family wants to remember Angus for the happiness he brought through his funny jokes, contagious laughter, and endless love for everyone.

They hope that his tragic passing can help people understand how important it is to pay attention to mental health. They want others to know that it is okay to ask for help when they need it and to remember that they are not alone in their struggles.

Angus Cloud’s Journey into the Acting World

Angus Cloud’s acting career started in a unique way. Unlike most actors, he wasn’t discovered through the usual auditions and casting processes. Instead, it was a chance encounter with a casting director in the bustling streets of New York City that led to his breakthrough role in Euphoria. This opportunity opened up a whole new world for him, even though he had never acted professionally before.

Once Angus stepped into the spotlight, it became clear that he had a natural talent for acting. Fans quickly fell in love with him, and his skills caught the attention of other filmmakers too. He went on to secure roles in movies like North Hollywood and The Line. Excitingly, Angus was also involved in an upcoming Untitled Universal Monsters film, set to be released in 2024. Additionally, he was scheduled to appear in Freak Tales and Your Lucky Day.

Apart from films, Angus also made appearances in music videos for various artists. His engaging presence can be seen alongside artists like Noah Cyrus, Juice WRLD, and Becky G. Through his brief but impactful career, Angus Cloud showcased his acting abilities and left a lasting impression on those who watched him perform.

Bottom Line

The theory that Angus Cloud and Mac Miller were related has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans. However, Angus Cloud has vowed to preserve Mac Miller’s legacy and not take on the role of the late rapper in a movie. Angus Cloud’s decision to honor Mac Miller’s memory shows immense respect for an extraordinary artist.