Tips to Style Your New Home


Building your own home can be one of life’s greatest joys and achievements. It’s even more pleasing when it reflects your personal style and tastes. However, getting the style right can be challenging especially when you lack the knowledge in this area. That is why hiring a professional is always the best way forward. 

Each style speaks of its history and designs. And if you are lost on which one to go for that will reflect your taste and style, Anthony Wardan, Director at Maple Living, a team of qualified and licensed professionals completing homes to the highest standards sheds light on the different types of home designs and their features. Whether you are building your home from scratch, remodeling, or adding extra curb appeal, you can never go wrong with any of these styles. 

Farmhouse style

“Just as the name implies, a farmhouse serves as a shelter for farmers,” Anthony Wardan says. There are various farm houses today with a modern touch, thanks to the 18th to 19th-century. These homes are simple, yet elegant with a solid construction as they are built by laborers who might lack the skills but make use of the best materials. Later, these farmhouses make their way to the US and become one of the favorite choices for modern homeowners who want to go oldies but goodies. The high-quality materials and resiliency also contributed to its popularity. 

What makes a Farmhouse?

The main characteristics of farmhouses are the porches which serve as a transition between the farmland and the homelife. These porches stretch to the fronts and sides of the home to prevent dirtying the floors inside. It also has modern hardwood floors and painted wood walls of earth tones that give that touch of warmth and coziness. It has horizontal siding and battens that provide a distinctive traditional overall look. 

Contemporary style

This is an example of 21st-century architectural styles. This style grew out of the modern designs, hence why it lends many of the features of many of the modern features. It’s not surprising that many confuse modern with contemporary styles. Modern-style homes were built in the 1930s-1970s with contemporary ones marking today’s styles, trends, and tastes. 

What makes contemporary styles?

Even though this style has been around for a while, it gained popularity with new trends, innovative designs, and technological advancement shaping the landscape. “One main feature is the use of sustainable materials which not only saves money but also becomes the answer in a world where environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems, says AnthonyWardan. It has strong geometric shapes and is decorated with stones or woods incorporated in the most exciting way. It usually has large windows which are either metal or concrete. Natural lighting is one of the spotlights coming through the large windows and doors. It also has a flexible layout that allows adaptability and ease in case of changes or remodeling. This style doesn’t care much about ornamentation or extras but rather fine, smooth, clean lines and textures. A contemporary home smells of luxury which can make it quite expensive. 

Colonial style

This style developed out of the US colonial system. They were designed by early Americans who still want to retain the style of house they had back in England. Hence, this style rose to popularity among the American colonies and you will commonly see Georgian or British colonial homes. 

What makes a Colonial style?

Colonial houses are always two or three stories tall never one story with the first story comprising of the kitchen, living, and dining room. This is quite remarkable as it provides ample space for hosting parties or dinners. Definitely something to look into if you are someone who hosts gatherings or parties. Another thing is they are traditionally built-in symmetry and rectangular shape with doors located at the center. This shape makes it easy to add more rooms to the sides or back. It also has sloppy medium-pitched gabled roofs and older ones will have a pair of chimneys in the center of the roof. 


Ranch styles first made their appearance in the 1930s and it’s being built by many today. It was originally inspired by Spanish colonials in the American  Southwest. Later, other examples of ranch homes emerged as architectures blend the style with modern architectural touches. This lead to its boom up to the 1970s. 

What makes a ranch home style?

Even though there are different types of ranch-style, they all show some iconic elements that set them apart from other styles. A ranch-style is traditionally a single-story floor with an open floor between rooms and efficient living spaces. No matter the size of the plot, it usually has an outdoor space be it a patio, a lawn, or a deck.  It has large windows and sliding doors that extend to the back patio. It has open floor plans and an attached basement and garages. It’s most times minimalist with a few interior and exterior decors. Because of its simplicity, it makes addition or any upgrades easy. Its open floor plan also makes it a great choice for someone who loves outdoor entertainment.

Bottom line

Choosing the right home style can be challenging but not impossible. “If you find yourself confused amidst the pool of choices out there, seek the help of experts in the construction industry to guide you on how to make the right choice, Anthony Wardan advised.