4 Things to Consider When Choosing on Sliding Glass Wall

Sliding Glass Wall

If you have decided to change the look of your house, you are on the right page. When designed and installed correctly, a glass wall can modify the room or house crucially with an enormous amount of living space. Integrating a glass wall into your house could lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.  

The sliding glass wall can bring a number of benefits to your everyday life. It will give you a chance to improve access to natural light and ventilation, provide a better connection with nature without compromising the living space. Apart from all the benefits that it brings, the main one is the view that you will get. If you have already decided upon the sliding glass wall, these are the things that you need to consider. 


The first thing you need to do before choosing on the sliding glass wall is to determine its usage. You need to make it clear for yourself whether you want to create a flexible living space or you want to have a better view. You may also want to install extra glazed door for daily use instead of opening the whole system. Additionally, it is important to understand the expected traffic, which normally dictates the best opening direction, whether it is in the middle, to the left or to the right. 


The right threshold is highly important for the sliding glass wall. Its main goal is to prevent your house from unwanted critters, water, wind and outside debris. In an ideal situation, every glass wall system, used as an external door, should be protected with an overhang. In case if it is not used, weather resistance thresholds should be utilized for protection from wind and rain. 


The type of glass for the sliding glass wall is probably the most important factor to consider. Glass itself plays a crucial role when it comes to energy efficiency and safety. If you are highly concerned about safety and energy efficiency double-glazed and low-tempered glass is the option that you should go for.  A single-glazed wall can be the right choice for places with the tropical environment. On the other side, if you live in a place where it is extremely cold or hot, a triple-glazed option is highly advisable. 

Price vs quality 

It is not a surprise that the installation and the sliding wall itself is very expensive. The price of the glass wall highly depends on the durability. Obviously, a glass wall that lasts for 25 years is going to be more expensive than the one that lasts for only 10 years. The same works for the energy-efficient glass walls. If you want your sliding glass wall to be more energy-efficient, get ready to pay more. However, this increase in price can pay for themselves in the long-run in terms of reduced energy costs.  

As you can see,  there is a number of factors to be taken into consideration before choosing on the sliding glass wall. It is a significant investment, thus, homeowners should spend some time considering all the aforementioned factors before moving forward with an actual purchase. It is also advised to monitor all the companies that offer such products and ask them to come to your house and make an offer for you. While monitoring these companies, make sure to get to know for how many years they have been present in the market. It clearly shows how much experience they have. It would be also a good idea to check their portfolio and see whether you are satisfied with the job that they have already done.