RubMD – Trusted Platform for Discovering Local Massage Therapists


RubMD is an online resource that enables users to easily locate qualified massage therapists near them. You can find all the important information about massage therapists on RubMD, like their credentials, qualifications, ratings, and reviews. By knowing these details, you can choose the right therapist for you.

This article provides an overview of RubMD and how it can help you locate a nearby massage therapist. We’ll explain how the service works and its benefits. With RubMD, you can make an informed decision based on the information available. So, if you’re wondering whether you can find a massage therapist on RubMD, keep reading to discover all the details.

How RubMD Works to Find and Book Massage Therapy Services

RubMD is a website that helps you find and book massage therapists quickly and easily. It’s like an online system for booking massages in your area. On the website, you have the ability to select a therapist, view their details, and book an appointment. Additionally, you can access details regarding various massage types, therapists, and pricing.  To find the most suitable massage therapist, you can utilize filters on the website to refine your search based on location, specific therapist preferences, and desired payment range.

You can also read reviews from other people to get an idea of how good the therapist is. Once you have identified a therapist you are comfortable with, you can conveniently book an appointment on their website. RubMD also has some extra features to make things easier for you. You can buy gift certificates and pay with different methods like Cash App, Coinbase, and Bitquick.

You also get clear billing records so you know exactly how much you’re being charged. And to make sure you don’t forget about your appointments, RubMD sends you helpful reminders. That way, you’ll always remember when and where your massage therapy session is happening. With RubMD, finding, booking, and managing your massage therapy becomes really simple and convenient.

Payment Options

RubMD offers different ways to pay for its services. You can use bitcoins or regular card payments. If you choose to pay with bitcoins, you can convert your regular money into bitcoins using platforms like Cash App, Coinbase, or BitQuick. You can pay with your card, but verification of the transaction may take up to 30 minutes. Make sure to wait for the confirmation message before scheduling an appointment. Rest assured, RubMD keeps your payment information secure and confidential. Your personal data will be protected during the payment process.

How to Set Up and Use Account

  • Start by going to the Rubmd homepage and locate the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner. Click on it.
  • Enter your first and last name, email address, and password in the fields below.
  • To activate your account, open the email they sent you and click on the included link.
  • After successfully creating your account, you can quickly locate nearby massage therapists by entering your city or zip code.
  • If you are a massage therapist wanting to provide services through Rubmd, visit the homepage and select “Create a Profile”.
  • Complete all the necessary information required to set up your profile.
  • Enhance your profile by adding photos and videos that showcase the services you offer to potential customers.
  • Stay informed with notifications whenever someone schedules an appointment with you.
  • Review each appointment request and respond based on your availability. You can accept or decline the request.
  • Once you approve the request, the client will gain access to your contact information and can easily schedule an appointment with you.

A Simple Guide to Finding a Massage Therapist

Step 1: Visit the official Rubmd website and enter your location to discover massage therapists near you.

Step 2: Check out the profile pages of each therapist to learn about their expertise, and services, and read customer testimonials.

Step 3: By considering the ratings and reviews, you can select the massage therapist who appears to be the most suitable match for your needs and preferences.

Step 4: To make an appointment, please contact your chosen therapist either by phone or online.

Step 5: Prepare for an enjoyable session with your chosen masseuse and experience the advantages of professional massage therapy. Finding a skilled and reliable massage therapist is easy with Rubmd. Rest assured, Rubmd will help you connect with a trustworthy therapist who can meet your specific needs.

Top Cities Where Rubmd is Popular

Rubmd is available in many areas, but some cities are especially well-known for using its services. These cities include San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

Can You Trust Rubmd?

To determine if Rubmd is trustworthy, we considered a few things. First, the website has been around for more than a year, which means it gets a good amount of visitors. We also checked scam detectors, and they gave it a rating of 58.9 out of 100, using a smart method. It’s important to note that Rubmd is popular and has a secure HTTPS connection. However, we noticed that the website could be better designed and some things could be clearer. Another thing we found is that there are no reviews from previous clients on the site. This is surprising because the website is older and has many visitors. It would be good to see some reviews for Rubmd.

Bottom Line

RubMD is a trusted platform that helps you easily discover and book local massage therapists. The website provides all the necessary information about therapists, including their qualifications and ratings, allowing you to make an informed decision. With RubMD, you can find the right therapist for your needs and easily schedule appointments