Logan Puller Talks About Home Decor Ideas

logan puller

Having space you can proudly call home means it is not only a beauty to behold but also functional and comfortable. However, choosing the best home decor to achieve this can be one of the toughest decisions you can ever make. Not only do you want something that matches your personal taste and style, but you also do not want to end up in a mix of furniture and paints that are not adding up. Hence. We have spoken to home decor and renovation expert, Logan Puller Maryborough for home decor tips to turn your space into an awesome haven it deserves-refined, timeless, trendy yet functional. 

Figure Out How You Want Your Home To Be

You are halfway through your home decor if you can figure out how you want your home to be and this can be the most tricky. You might be eyeing that home decor on Pinterest but it might not be what you need. While choosing your home decor style, you need to consider the number of the home occupants, your home theme and style, your needs and requirements, and how you want your dream home to be. Your home can be modern or farmhouse, transitional or contemporary, formal or cozy, cool or visually appealing, it all depends on what you want and your needs.

Take A Measurement of Your Home

Before going around for some furniture shopping, you need to take the measurements of your home to know what you can buy and what won’t fit into your home. You don’t want a sofa that is too overwhelming, crowding up the whole living room space. Neither do you want chairs that are hardly seen in a wide-open setting? Therefore, take measurements of each room you desire to decorate. Besides, take measurements of the stairs, doorway, or anything other things that might stand in the way. 

Have A Decorating Plan

Have a plan for each phase of decoration and go with it. Thinking you can tackle all the rooms at once will leave you drained and tired, and that is where a plan comes in. Break down the decorating plan and go one room or two at a time. Just bear in mind the theme decor you are going for and stick to it. 

Have A Budget

When you have a budget for the cost of decorating, then you can decide where you wish to spend more. Perhaps you might have to make do with cheaper fabric for the curtains. The plush expensive chair might be worth the hype, but unfortunately, you might have to say no. Knowing your budget will save you from overspending. You have different rooms to deal with and each with its unique decor ideas and demands. Giving in to the urge of expensive nightstand might affect some other bathroom essentials. This is probably the last thing you want. If you might have to go over your budget for anything, think again, Logan Puller Maryborough says. 

Take Ideas From the Pros

“You can never go wrong with taking clues from professionals and many of them are more than ready to offer free or paid design tips, says Logan Puller Maryborough. You can also take ideas online using Pinterest or Instagram. They contain countless home design ideas to make informed decisions on the type of decor theme to go for or the type of furniture to buy, he adds.