Logan Puller Talks About Basic Rules of Home Decor

Home Decor

Ever heard of the saying “there are no rules in home design. Well, don’t let this article fool you, this mantra still holds true more than ever. Why should you follow a rule book when your home is your home and it should only reflect your aesthetics, personality, and style. Why should someone be dictating how your interior design should look when you want to explore, mix and match and put your creativity to good use? 

However, there are basics that you need to know that can make your home decoration easy, seamless, and exactly what you wanted. After all, you don’t just want to throw furniture, light fixtures, and arts into a space. Expert in interior design knows better. And we have spoken with Logan Puller Maryborough, to give you a helping hand. Here are the basic rules he shares about home decor to ensure your space is both inviting and pleasing. 

Plan Adequately

Logan Puller Maryborough says: everything starts with planning and not just some minutes of listing out furniture and items to buy. First, you need your home to reflect what you want and it starts with analyzing what you want out of the design, what style are you going for and how do you want to go about it. Planning serves as a road map while getting the work done. And when it seems you are diverting from the plan, you can always go back to it. 

Always Take Measurements

Accuracy is crucial and just because an item looks good doesn’t mean it will fit perfectly in your space. That is why professional interior designers measure everything. You don’t want to struggle with the size of rug to buy or how high you should hang the light. Therefore, measure up your space and every item before making a buying decision. 

Make Comfort a Priority

In a home, the comfort a room offers is just as important as the aesthetics and it’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. You want cool furniture to lounge on. A flooring that is both appealing and comforting. What’s the point of spending on those pricey trendy items if they wouldn’t be offering the desired comfort. Comfort should be a priority in home decor

Consider The Flow

Think about functionality and how well the home is able to serve the occupants. Having space to move around is crucial to the overall flow of your home. How comfortable is it to go to the kitchen when you have your home flooded with loved ones during Christmas time? How easy and comfortable is it to move in the hallway. Consider the flow and avoid stuffing your room with furniture that might hinder the flow. 

Go For What You Love 

“One rule still stands, always go for what you love, “Logan Puller Maryborough advises. Whether it’s a piece of art or accessories, you will always find a place for them. After all, you want something that resonates with you including your sense of style and preference.  And while at it, remember you don’t want your home to be cluttered. Hence, they have got to be functional as well.