Setup a Home Theatre Easily With This Guide

home theatre

People are not as excited as they used to be about going to theatres to watch movies, mainly because they can access movie libraries from the comfort of their homes. Although it’s easy to purchase a new TV screen and watch movies in HD or 4K, you will have to work harder to set up a home theatre system and recreate the cinema experience.

Building a modern home theatre system can be tricky, which is why it’s vital to develop a plan before you start working on your home improvement project. Luckily, we’re here to tell you what you need to build a home theatre and enjoy watching movies and TV shows with your loved ones whenever you need to take a break from the real world.

Start with a plan

When building a home theatre, it’s vital to create a plan that will allow you to calculate the costs and prepare for renovations. Determine where you want to build a home theatre system before investing in new materials and equipment. If you have a spare room or want to add additional space to your home, you will have to hire someone to do the work.

You should know that you can build a home theatre system in your living room. You might have to rearrange your furniture or invest in new details that will help you recreate the cinema experience.

Get the right devices

If you’re thinking about building a home theatre, it’s essential to find a device that will improve your viewing experience. That includes a good-quality TV screen, speakers, and a remote that controls all your AV devices. A home theatre receiver is a must-have, but you should also include a projector, especially if you enjoy watching old movies.

Repaint the room

Those who want to build a home theatre system in a separate room should consider repairing grey or black walls. These colors will help you recreate the cinema experience. Even if you don’t care about the aesthetics of your new room, you should choose darker matte colors for the walls to avoid any reflections.

The floors should match the color of the walls. You can achieve that by using the same color to paint the floors or invest in a large carpet if you don’t want to paint over your hardwood or vinyl flooring.

Insulate your home theatre room

As we mentioned before, building a home theatre system can be quite tricky and daunting. If you’re building a new room, make sure to soundproof it or build it far away from the children’s room. Insulation is important because it keeps the sound from leaking out, but it also allows you to watch movies in peace.

Invest in new furniture

When building a home theatre system, you should think about every detail. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right furniture that will make you cozy and relaxed while watching your favorite movies. If possible, try to find a large piece of furniture and place it in front of the TV screen.

Determine your needs first, and if you feel like you want to sit in a chair while watching a movie, keep in mind that there are various seating options on the market. The key is to find furniture that provides comfort and enough space for your family members or a small group of friends.

Create a good atmosphere

Finding the perfect type of lighting is an important aspect of this project. The main purpose of the lighting is to guide you through the room, which is why installing task lighting, for example, is not the best solution.

Call Sparkys NOW electrical service providers to rewire your theatre room and install recessed lights or RF dimmers. These lighting systems are ideal for home theatres, but you should consult your electricians to determine your options.

Try to avoid common mistakes

If you don’t know how to install the speakers, you won’t be able to recreate the cinema experience at home. Make sure to get the right cables and find adequate speakers based on the size of your room. Those who don’t know how to install the sound system should call a professional because replacing the sound system or investing in new equipment can be pricey.

In addition, we all want to buy the biggest TV screen in the store, but if your theatre room is too small, having a big TV screen can ruin your experience. Find balance and learn from other people’s mistakes, and you won’t have to spend more money in the future.


Building a home theatre system is exciting, but you have to be careful and prepare for this type of renovation project. Make sure to create a budget and choose the best materials and devices that will elevate your experience and make you feel like you’re going to the theatre every day.