How to Improve your Pool’s Filter System


Do you have a pool in your yard and its filter is giving you problems? Or is your pool filter too small, yet you don’t want to change it? Then here is why you need to do something about your small pool filter according to Greencare Pool Builder. Greencare Pool Builder is a firm that designs and installs pools to fit their client’s specifications. The company also offers landscape installation and pool-related services.

Pool Filters

The size of the filter you use matters a lot. First, check if it isn’t big enough to fit your pool. It’s common for homeowners to pick undersized filters and it uncommon for them to choose oversized ones. Thus, you must carefully select the appropriate size for your pool. Find out how your pump flows to ascertain the right size, advised Greencare Pool Builder. Is it fast or slow? According to Greencare Pool, the next step is to assess the length and breadth of your pool. Then find out the type of filtration system, and its maintenance structure.

Different Pool Filtration System and How to Maintain Them

A Sand Filtration System

Most homeowners opt for a sand filtration system for many reasons like its cost, simplicity, and easy maintenance. For instance, it is less complex to wipe when you backwash the filter. Furthermore, the filter parts consist of a sand bed that traps leftover dirt. Removing the dirt is done when you reverse the water flow and backwash the filter. Nevertheless, there might be tiny dirt inside the pool even with the presence of the filter. This is because sand filters have low performance.

Sand Filtration System

Sand Filtration System Problems and Solutions

  • Unclean water: Check if the water pumps with much force into the pool and reduce it.
  • It is less efficient: This problem is caused by the sand or filtration system, so evaluate it for cracks or any other issues. A second option is to throw away the sand inside the filter after five years of using the filter. Then use a new one to improve the filtration system.
  • Chunks inside the pool: The presence of hard water makes dirt escape onto the pool surface.
  • Mud balling: It is when a filter top has molds of sand with oil. Use your hands to take out the balls and change the sand. Some filter products can also resolve this issue.

Cartridge Filtration System

Most single cartridges have one or two cartridges that are pleated inside them. Greencare Pool stated that because water is forcefully moved into the pleats, it is necessary to have them. From the pleats, left-behind debris gets stuck inside the folds because of high water pressure. The rate of water flow reduces as the filter tank’s gauge pressure increases. So take off the cartridge, wipe and place it back. Once you place it back, the system repeats the filtration process. The filtration system becomes an issue if debris and dirt bypass it and are deposited into the water. This is a sign for you to do your routine maintenance.

Cartridge Filtration System

Cartridge Filtration System Problems and Solutions

  • Cracks and rips: Things to look for; are the pleats ripped, or the cartridge plastics are cracked? Additionally, are any of the filter fixtures not in their right places? If the answer is yes, read the filter’s instruction leaflet to know the right part alignment and positions. It’s possible that you only need to just seat the cartridge properly at the base of the filter tank. And everything will work out thereafter.
  • Loss of efficiency: Most filters become less efficient as time goes on. This is normal due to wear and tear caused by constant use. In addition, the fibers slack when you clean the cartridge often. Replace the filter every two years, or if you’ve cleaned your filter nearly 20 times.

Products to Help Filter Efficiency

  • Filter fiber: It helps in trapping tiny particles in the cartridge. Add a little quantity of fiber to the skimmer, and you will be amazed to see the outcome.
  • By using a clarifier: This product coagulates tiny particles in your pool into larger ones to make it easy to clean your pool. Too much of it can send coagulated substances into the water if care is not taken. So use the product as instructed.
  • Filter cleaners: A worn-out cartridge often needs to be cleaned with a filter cleaner. It comes with various products that are made specifically for pools. Just follow the product’s instructions and your pool would be as good as new.


People forget the importance of having the right pool fixtures and maintaining the pool. According to Greencare Pool Builder, some people’s pools have worn-out filters, small filters, or inefficient filters. This is fine in most seasons but becomes a problem when it’s time to clean. It also poses an issue when the weather turns warm. Besides, if your pool has the right filter and is new, you still need to improve its filtration efficiency. The reward for doing this is a pool that has clearer and cleaner water. Therefore, to get the most out of your pool, take care of your filter.