Brightly Light up your Swimming Pool with These Tips

Light up your Swimming Pool

For people who love to swim, a house without a swimming pool is not complete. It increases your property value and makes it more elegant. A pool isn’t only for swimming, you may relax in it or swim to exercise your body. You can also bond with your family and friends during relaxation time. According to Greencare Pool Builder, an ideal swimming pool should be useful in the day and night. To achieve this, your pool must be fixed with the best lights. Good light fixtures will help you see your way while swimming at night or when it’s dark.

Why your swimming pool should have a good lighting

Greencare Pool Builder emphasizes the importance of having good pool lighting. When the lights are fixed the right way, you and those who swim there will benefit a great deal from it. You get a sense of security when the place where the pool is fixed is all lit up. In addition, it contributes to the pool’s aesthetics and beautifies it.

Benefits of Fixing Pool Lights

  • Pool lighting extends to areas surrounding the pool. For instance, your pool is located at the back of your house, and you fix pool lights there. The lights will light up that area. Therefore, the back of the house won’t be a dark place to be. This makes the place safe in the dark.
  • Nighttime visibility is much better because the pool light lets you see at night. Consequently, going to the pool and swimming around that time is safer. You would be able to see what is inside the pool and around you. This is perfect for families with pets and children.
  • You don’t have to limit your swimming time to only morning and afternoon before the sun goes down. With pool lighting, you can swim even in the dark without any problem. This way, you can utilize your pool very well. Additionally, you get to swim as often as you want at any time of the day.

 It is expected that light from the pool will spill over the pool edges and surroundings. This gives it a lovely ambiance because the surface of the water will beautifully reflect the light coming from the pool. Consequently, you feel more relaxed with the surrounding bright lights on a quiet night.

  • Gives your pool that mysterious look, especially when it’s nighttime or dawn.
  • Enhances the building designs and decorations, including the exterior designs.
  • For those with additional water fixtures like spas and waterfalls, the pool lighting will make them look more unique.

How to Improve your Pool Surroundings

Greencare pool builder

To get this right, you have to systematically fix the lights in specific places. Select the right elements and light fixtures for your pool. Then watch as your pool transforms into a blissful and stunning area. Furthermore, Greencare Pool Builder encourages people to purchase lights that will enhance their mood. Such lights will give a celebratory or dramatic atmosphere to their pools and their surroundings. Furthermore, if they are a regular host, exchange the lights and elements to complement the occasion. 

How to Pick the Right Pool Light

When you shop for pool lights, you will see several options around you. What you pick will depend on your needs. However, you need to consider other important factors like budget, the environment, electricity consumption, pool, and house design.

Previously, people used incandescent bulbs in brightening up their rooms and building exteriors. They stopped using it when they discovered that its energy consumption was too high, and it didn’t last long. This means they had to change the bulbs often, resulting in high electricity bills. Later, fluorescent lights came, and people bought them because they save some energy and have more lifespans.

Pool lighting is mainly of two types:

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights

LED lights are the best lighting options for homeowners. Homeowners use LED lights to light up the interior and exterior of their buildings. They are very durable, consume little energy, last longer, and are more affordable. LED lights are cool due to their heat-displacing elements. To further reduce their energy consumption, you can add energy-saving fixtures to them.

Advantages of LED Bulbs

They are clean and can tolerate cold because they don’t have mercury. Another advantage is that LED maintenance is cost-effective and it requires little time and energy. Furthermore, a good LED light lasts for at least five to six years. Hence, its long lifespan means you don’t have to buy new bulbs frequently.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen lighting was introduced to homeowners and gladly accepted it. The reason is that its energy consumption is far less than incandescent bulbs. In addition, the bulbs are good for the environment and last longer than incandescent lights.


Halogen has the following disadvantages which makes it not that ideal for pool lighting.

  • They also have a short lifespan. Hence, a user needs to change them often. Most of them don’t last more than five to six months.
  • Cost-wise, halogen bulbs are more expensive than other bulbs.


Lastly, Greencare Pool Builder suggests that homeowners should carefully invest in good lighting for their pools. They should not hesitate because of the cost, as safety should come first. There have been cases of children, pets, and even adults drowning in the pool, especially in the dark. So good lighting will go a long way in preventing this