Granite Worktops Prices You Should Be Ready To Pay

Granite Worktops

Granite is a 100% natural stone. It is a prestige material that creates products of elegance and beauty. It is super hardy and strong. Granite worktops are scratch resistant and have a long life. You can choose to install it in outdoor furniture or keep it inside to enhance the beauty of your home. Granite will tolerate both. However, one of the few downsides to granite is its cost. It is pretty expensive and hence luxurious.

Granite worktop prices depend on various factors. Based on the shape, design, and texture, one can classify granite countertops as expensive and very extravagant.

Factors Affecting the Price of Granite Countertops

The essential cost includes installation charges and the price of the raw materials used. The average cost ranges between $100 and $300 per square feet. Given below are the main factors that determine the granite worktop price.

1. The quality of granite used:

You can majorly classify granite into four types based on its quality.

Closeout/clearance type:

It is the most basic kind of granite. This type has the least number of specks and comparatively dull than the other types.

Builder’s type:

This is the commercial, low-grade granite. It is thinner and less expensive than custom cut countertops.

Premium type:

Comparatively more expensive than the other variants. These are suitable for custom made granite worktops. This type has a lot of flecks and veins and is available in various textures.

Designer type:

This type is luxurious. Such granite worktops are perfect for adding the sophistication to your humble abode. This is the most expensive variant.

2. How complicated the project is:

Granite worktops require sealing and seaming. You would also want to customize the edges according to your convenience. If you decide to install the worktops in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will need a sink cut out. All of these factors contribute up to the total granite worktop cost. The more complex you wish your worktop to be, the more difficult it would be to install. Consequently, the more you will have to spend. Custom made worktops are the most expensive amongst all.

3. Type of installation required:

Whether you experiment and put the engineer in you to use or you give up and call a professional to install the worktop will determine this price. Also, the fitting cost depends on the grade and design of the material used. The installation cost mainly starts from 0, if you are doing it yourself, and rises to 50% of the total price of the product. You should be careful enough to contact a genuine fitter and not just some local. That way, you might end up spending a lot because of the damages the nonprofessionals might accidentally cause.

4. Where you buy the product from:

Yes, this is also a significant factor. If you are okay spending some time and effort and contact the supplier directly, you might save on some money. A custom architect might charge you more. Please explore online websites, gather a rough idea and then search nearby stores. That way, you’d know the average granite worktop prices and the seller will not be able to charge you more.

Given below is a rough estimate of the average costing of granite worktops.

Granite Worktops Prices

In Conclusion

Different suppliers and contractors quote different prices for the various types of granite slabs. You need to be well aware that the supplier does not cheat you on the material they used. Before adding a granite worktop to your cart, you should compare the various types of granite slabs available. Yes, granite worktops will cost you a vast fortune, but they are durable and a one-time investment. Granite creates a look whose beauty is like no other. Natural has its aestheticism after all. Granite worktops are perfect for any home.