What to expect from your first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So, are you all set for your first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class? Maybe you know a lot about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or perhaps you’ve just watched a few movies of  Bruce Lee. Maybe your motivation is your friend who referred to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu just because you have a potential. You need to know that learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not hard at all. 

Whatever your reason, you might be eager to get on that mat. Congrats! You are about to start a fantastic sport. The first thing that you need to know is that you’ll be training with a BBJ instructor. You’ll get a warm welcome in the class. 

Once you know the day and time of the class, you’ll have to pack a bag. You’ll have to wear a uniform. The gym owner might be able to give you one, but it is better that you pack your gym pants. One rule, even that is not written anywhere, is that “No shoes on the mat’. You can wear flip flops on the gym and barefoot on the mat. 

At the Gym

It is essential that you arrive at the gym 10 minutes early before the class. Some of the gyms are quite standard which means that they will not ask for anything else, just a mat and the gym suite and everything else will be easy to follow then onwards. 

Don’t worry about the instructor being a black belt or not. Many of the excellent instructors are not even a black belt. The critical thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to practice specific moves again and again. This means that you don’t need to practice moves in a way that every step gets flawless. 

Put every ounce of energy that you have, and don’t be embarrassed when you have to sit up. As a starter, you’ll take some time to warm-up and that’s fine.  

Sometimes, when the instructor shows you a move, it must be practiced more and more. 

In the final class, you’ll be able to avail of the opportunity to do something sparring. This is where all your efforts will be revealed. IF you’ve done enough practice, it will show in that final stage. But there are moves that you find difficult, and it will be easy if you do them again and again until you get perfect at it. 

After the class

When you get after the course, you need to cool down. Some of the gyms might give you a chance to warm-up and stretch at the end of the class. If you have a few minutes, you can do small stretches which means that you need to take advantage of any of this before you go for the big fight. 

You might have to go for a trial period before you do anything more. If you decide that this is the right gym for you, now is the time to say it. If you love the gym and the instructor, you must determine the style of Gi that you need to wear in the gym. Ask the instructor if you need any specific things to wear at the gym. 

Once you have a gi, it will be easy to carry you. Do not tumble if you want to go to a gym because this is where you need to wear and see that it won’t shrink while you practice in your gi. Follow the instructions that you need to see with the instructor. 

To Wrap it all up

If you are willing to go for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is an excellent sport to begin. It is up to you how much progress you make in the game. The training is not that hard. There are moves that you need to learn once and practice those moves again every day. Build a schedule by which it will be easy to manage the training session. Don’t overdo the schedule or else you’ll find it challenging to handle or else there will be problems with your body.

Do the gym at your disposal. But don’t overdo anything. Whatever you do will reflect on your body and at the mat, so be careful and do things that you can handle.