Easy Ways to Embrace Sustainable Living


Did you know that every little thing you do each day has a huge impact on planet Earth? Just a single trip to the grocery store on your motorcycle costs the Earth precious oxygen and contributes to global warming. That’s because you’re not the only one driving a vehicle that emits pollutants into the air. Furthermore, a person using plastic bags on the other side of the world and the one running their shower for 10 minutes longer than necessary on the third are all making our planet a less safe place to live in. That’s why we all need to join forces and start changing our ways. From the kitchen to the bathroom and commuting, there’s a lot we can do to embrace sustainable living.

Go for Eco-friendly grocery shopping

You probably haven’t paid much attention, but chances are you haven’t been shopping consciously. Do you use plastic bags instead of canvas ones? Have you been buying plastic-wrapped products? If the answer is Yes, then you need to embrace the alternatives now. Instead of paying for plastic bags at the checkout, bring your big canvas bag from home. It’ll be able to hold more items, and it’s more durable than plastic ones. Not to mention good for the environment. Try to buy produce in bulk from your local farmer’s markets, so you can help the environment and the local business. Paper bag products are better than plastic-wrapped. Instead of shopping for bottled water in plastic bottles, invest in a reusable bottle and water filters so you can have water from the tap. If you’re shopping at the deli, have your own containers when you go shopping and prevent plastic waste from piling up.

Follow the trend of sustainable fashion

Shopping is inevitable, but it can still be Eco-friendly. Embrace sustainable shopping by investing in second-hand clothes where possible. Are you striving towards minimalism? Why not try out the 333-time capsule challenge. Save the money for timeless pieces that cost more, but also last much longer than cheap t-shirts and skirts. Support ethical and environmentally conscious fashion brands. Educate on material types so you can find sustainable ones when shopping. Don’t wash your clothes after only wearing them once, unless you’ve spent an entire day and sweated a lot. Putting on a shirt for an hour of walking or light activities doesn’t require you to wash it afterward. The same goes for your jeans and skirts. When it comes to old clothes, consider re-purposing them as rags or donate to a local mechanic if no longer wearable. Learn some sewing basics, and don’t throw away a pair of trousers just because you’re lost a button. Sow a new one back on and continue wearing them. An old dress can easily become a brand-new top and a skirt to match.

Practice sustainable commuting

Using public transport instead of your car to go to work is more Eco-friendly. Aside from helping the planet, using public transport is an excellent opportunity to catch up on reading because you’ll be free to look away from the road and enjoy the pastime. Going to the store on a bicycle is another sustainable transport idea. You can take your kids with you and have a nice little family day out. Look for kids’ bikes for sale and have your little one commute with you everywhere. You can also use rent-a-bike services if your city offers them. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalators wherever possible. Not only is sustainable, but also doubles up as a leg workout. If you prefer cars over buses, trains and bicycles, at least consider electric-powered vehicles. For frequent flyers, we suggest you reconsider the amount of time you spend taking flights, as they are not very healthy for the environment.

Have a sustainable office

You can also make your office more sustainable by collecting scrap paper in a tray. Don’t leave your computer on after your job for the day is done. Unplug it and save the electricity. A home printer is not a necessity, so dispose of it properly. When you absolutely need it, you can find it at a local copy place. Are you looking for re-branded business cards? Consider using an Eco-friendly printer to print them. Where possible, use double-sided printing.

Make your kitchen Eco-friendly

Have you been wondering how you can make your kitchen an Eco-friendlier place to be in? Start by juicing the off-cuts of your vegetables and fruits. Repurpose glass jars for DIY projects or your natural homemade sauces, pastes, or cleaning supplies. Forget about plastic straws and switch to washable metal or glass ones. If you don’t own a dishwasher, limit the use of hot water when washing the dishes. Paper towels leave a big carbon footprint on the environment, so use cloths towels instead. Out of bin liners? Don’t buy new ones, but repurpose newspaper instead. Don’t waste any potato peels but start composting. A pressure cooker can help you reduce your cooking time and energy used by 70%! It can be a very smart investment in the long run.

Opt for Sustainable technology

We rely on technology too much, and we don’t even think about how we can use it to our planet’s advantage. Namely, make the most of solar energy and invest in solar charges for your smartphones and tablets. Instead of buying disposable batteries, go for rechargeable ones where possible. Don’t just throw away your old electronic devices, but recycle them when ready to dispose of. Alternatively, if they’re still functional, you can donate them to schools and other institutions. Store your valuable documents on clouds rather than on physical hard drives. Forget about printing out materials. Everyone is switching to electronic formats anyway. If your gadget only broke down, repair it instead of investing in a new one. When a new appliance is truly necessary, consider functional second-hand ones. But if you can’t find something second-hand, buy energy-efficient technology.

Try Upcycling

You’ve heard of recycling, but do you know what upcycling is? Basically, it means giving a whole new look to something that’s seemingly reached the end of its use. Take furniture as an example. Old, wasted or broken furniture doesn’t have to be disposed of. Instead, you can up its cycle by re-purposing it. If you have an old cabinet, but its shelves are still preserved, you can screw them into an entryway and make a nice little decoration item. Use old garments to create bags, bookmakers or anything that your creative mind thinks of. The possibilities are endless.

Final thoughts

Taking care of our planet is of the essence. It’s our responsibility to create a much better home for our children and future generations. The planet has always been kind to us and offered us a home, and that’s why it’s our responsibility to keep it alive. Therefore, embrace sustainable living today and start one step at a time. From conserving water to commuting sustainably and upcycling, you can do so much to contribute to our planet’s well-being. You need to remember that everything that affects the planet negatively, also has very bad side effects for everyone living on it. If nothing else, you’ll certainly want your children and grandchildren to live on a pollution-free planet, won’t you?