How to Keep in Contact with Distant Friends and Relatives

Friends and Relatives

Many people find that as they grow older, their friends and relatives move away from their local area. In some circumstances, you yourself may choose to relocate, perhaps as the result of a new job or wishing to live abroad to enjoy a better lifestyle and standard of living.

In the modern world, these situations are becoming increasingly common with young people seeking to advance their careers by taking a job that is based in a different country. Older relatives and friends may often choose to emigrate once they have finished their careers so that they can enjoy their senior years in a warmer, more pleasant environment. However, one of the key challenges is to stay connected with loved ones when either you or they move away.

Over time, communications can become less frequent, and the strong bonds of friendship may grow weaker due to a lack of interaction. This situation is common for many people, but it does not have to be this way. Thanks to a range of technology and specialist services that modern society benefits from, it is possible to stay in contact with distant friends and relatives while enjoying meaningful interactions that keep relationships strong.

In this article, some of the key tips and tricks to keep in contact with loved ones who live a great distance away from you will be explored in detail.

Video calls

It is estimated that approximately 5.18 billion people use the Internet worldwide. This represents over 64% of the global population. In almost all areas of the developed world, it is possible to get fast and reliable internet access for your home, if it does not already benefit from this. With internet access comes the ability to make and receive video calls on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Many smartphone video call applications, such as WhatsApp, can be used to make free calls on both your mobile and computer if you have a reasonably fast internet connection. This can be an ideal way to stay in contact with distant loved ones and is often a far more personal way to communicate with them when compared to simple voice calls.

It can be a great idea to set a schedule for enjoying a regular weekly catchup video call with distant friends and relatives. If they live abroad in a different time zone, it is important to arrange a time that is mutually suitable for both of you. Weekends can be the perfect opportunity to stay in contact using this method. You will be able to swap stories, share recent news, and keep the bond between you strong.

Send them Special Gifts

Another key way to show that you care about your distant friends and family is to remember key events in their lives, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or special events, and to send them a special gift to mark the occasion. People who have moved abroad may especially appreciate gifts that are hard to find in their new country, and it can be a great idea to send a food parcel that contains all their favorite treats and ingredients. However, one of the key challenges in sending larger or bulky packages abroad is arranging for a suitable method of transport that is cost-efficient while still ensuring that the packages arrive intact in a timely manner.

Use dedicated large-box shipping firms that will be able to send your items for less in large boxes. Many companies specialize in this type of shipping, so it is worth researching online to find a shipping company that suits your needs and budget. Large box shipping firms will have experience moving bulky or fragile items internationally and make the ideal choice when sending such items to celebrate a loved one’s special day.

Arrange a Vacation

If you have managed to save money over the year, why not consider arranging a vacation to visit far-away friends or relatives? This is one of the best methods to keep friendships strong. Obviously, it can only be undertaken when time and funds permit, but it can provide the perfect way to spend some time together and enjoy each other’s company while experiencing a new country. Ideally, you can make this into a full family vacation where different generations can meet and spend time together. For more information on how to plan such a vacation.

Join Their Social Networks

As a final point, staying in touch on a budget, especially when you do not have much free time to talk, can be achieved by connecting with the social networks of distant friends and family. Older people may not be completely adept with the various forms of social media, but platforms such as Facebook are intuitive for all ages. In fact, many social media platforms can be used effectively by senior citizens or those with little tech knowledge after only a small amount of learning. Put simply, they can be an ideal way to see stories and pictures from distant relatives and friends while also sharing news and live events with them.