Christmas Holidays in Morocco

Christmas holidays in Morocco

Winters in Morocco brings a lot of activities and fun. Travelers all around the world flock towards Morocco to celebrate the ideal Christmas winter Holidays. It experienced me when last year, in 2018, I enjoyed a lot during the Christmas holidays exploring the holiday destination with my family. Travelers find many food opportunities, beach activities, and cultural exploration activities.

Things to Do in Morocco during the Christmas Holidays:

Hundreds of activities are there in Morocco to make your Christmas Holidays more special. Important is to manage the activities, you will find the great opportunity to gather the delights in the beautiful beaches, souks and the romantic Atlas in Morocco.

Marrakech Welcomes You with Plenty of Activities

You are probably be landing at the Marrakech international airport, not because it is the capital of Morocco, but it is the most famous city in the country and the called to be a cultural hub of Morocco. It is the most liberal city in the country too. You will find every western activity here on the holidays of Christmas. If you are intended to start your celebration from Marrakech so it’s the best idea.

Marrakech has a special party scene for the Christmas vacationers. For this event, we had to book our flights and Riad, the hotels there in Marrakech because we have told that the prices usually go high on Christmas in Morocco. What is famous in Marrakech are the various activities. We have taken the ride of a hot air balloon in Marrakech. We had it on the eve of Christmas with the candles an illuminations to celebrate the event in the air.

Half-day touring Marrakech city will give you a charming experience exploring the culture, heritage, and architecture of the rich city. Museums are the best way to know about the place’s history, and how the present time traditions follow the footsteps of the history of an area. Marrakech has a great opportunity for the nightlife on Christmas days. Alcohol and people to date are always available in Morocco. The country is very famous about its beauty standards and many of the travelers visit Morocco for exploring the different types of beauties in the Holiday destination. You will find a great Café culture in Morocco especially in Marrakech. But for this, nothing can beat Tangier and Agadir.

Tangier is Famous as a Perfect Christmas Destination

It is an internationally recognized holiday destination having all the opportunities people from the west come and expect from the place. Why Tangier is important to visit during the Christmas holidays in Morocco? Westerners have the answer to this question. Well! Travelers find the perfect opportunities for Café culture in Tangier and the places where they can enjoy Alcohol, dance and night parties. Tangier is still a very famous place for creative, writers, poets, filmmakers, etc. This has a reason and that is, Tangier has a lot of scenic places to overview.

Some famous cafes are on the coastline and give you the best views of the place sitting there grabbing the hot teacup and looking at the waves coming. The beautiful views of Tangier hypnotized the westerner writers to stay here for life. Did you know that most of the writers came to Morocco and then never gone back? They settled in Morocco and living in a very peaceful environment they think. If you are in Morocco’s coastal and the very famous holiday location Tangier this Christmas, you are in the right place.

Chefchaouen offers You the Best Exploration Activity

When we were on our way to Chefchouaen, the driver of a private car we hired told us about the many things about Chefchaouen. He told us that the whole town is painted blue, we were amazed to see the uniformed town like Chefchouaen. By reaching Chefchaouen, this was exactly what we found there. Every plant pot hung in front of the home was also painted blue. All the blue colored town has almost more than a hundred shades of blue in it giving a stunning view to the tourists coming to explore the place. At Christmas, visiting Chefchaouen is recommended because of the beauties and other rich experiences you may gather in the town. The food is so delicious on the open-air terraces of Chefchouaen. While looking over the beautiful scenes of the city. Hash is common there, so if you are a good consumer, you will have a good quality of the stuff there.

Not Enough, You also need to visit Agadir and Rabat before coming back from Morocco. Believe me, you will get a lot of fun and charm from the holiday destination. The thing I wanted to remind you about, don’t forget to visit the Djema el Fna, it is the most visited place in Morocco t have the first glimpse of Morocco. Get the Christmas fun in Morocco this time, Good luck!