Best 5 Books to Read in Quarantine

top 5 books quartine

The year is coming to an end. We were happy about thanksgiving and looking forward to Christmas. We also faced an unusual situation of sitting at home for hours, this made our lives bored, so I started to think about an activity which would be helpful in making our lives more productive. So I researched some of the best books to read while sitting on our couches. So here I have listed one of my top 5 books for all of you:

1. Finding Meaning The Sixth Stage Of Grief By David Kessler

It gives details about the ongoing process of grief. A loss of a loved one, divorce or loss of a job. These are one of the few reasons which take our mind and body to mourn. When we are unable to link between ourselves and the incident which has happened in our lives. At these difficult times of our lives, we want to cry but after a few days, it also never helps.  The author has already written other books as well on this topic. David also experienced such an incident.  His son due to drug overdose. So he explains in detail about it. His son was young. This news made his life miserable.

He also writes about other famous celebrities and other common people’s stories whose lives have such sorrowful incidents. In the final stage which in this book is called “the sixth stage” takes the readers to have terms with such feeling and move on with their lives.

2. The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin

It’s a memoir of an African American. His life is filled with lots of challenges. He also encourages his nephew to follow his footsteps in being accepted in society, which is dominated by white people. The book is full of circumstances in which James faced discrimination and hate from his own countrymen. The book is divided into two essays. The first essay is about the letter he writes to his nephew who also is called James. He advises him to struggle against the inequalities in society as a black citizen. The second essay explains the author’s own experience as a Christian boy. His father’s behaviour was not good with him. His father slapped him on the face when he introduced his Jew friend with him.

3. The Last Girl By Nadia Murad

The author narrates about her life, living in northern Iraq with her family. In 2014, the Islamic State attacked her neighborhood. They killed her family, held her as a sex slave. She was repeatedly beaten and raped. She finally escaped and entered a Sunni family’s home. The young son of that family fought and saved her from the terrorist group. She has won the peace award,  a human rights activist. Her story inspires lots of women around the world, who are facing genocides and injustices in their own countries.

4. The Underground Rail Road By Colson Whitehead

The story is about an African lady who is sold as a slave in the United States. She works in a tobacco factory. She marries many men. All of her children die except one. The whole plot is about her baby girl who tries to escape along with another boy. They manage to take an underground train and reach another state. It solves their basic problems of food, shelter, and job. The government gives protection to slaves.

5. Love in the Time of Cholera

A love story of a young boy and girl who are into a relationship. One fine day the girl decides to marry a rich doctor, this is bad news for the boy. After 50 years, his husband dies. His ex-boyfriend attends his funeral.  He meets her love again and they have reunited again.


The book titles mentioned above gives us the purpose to fight with our difficulties in life. The best way out is to accept it and start a new activity like helping someone, recommending sad romance books to others who are sitting at home like us.