What Are The Different Types Of Air Coolers


Most Indians dread April to August when the summer is at its peak. Heat strokes, dehydration, exhaustion, and rashes are common during this period. An air cooler is a much-needed appliance that provides relief during this weather. Some people may prefer buying an air conditioner, but most prefer the room cooler for the several benefits they provide, such as:

  • Affordability
  • Portability
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation and repairs

Now, when you check out the options to purchase a room cooler it is natural to get overwhelmed. With so many brands and models, which one is ideal for you? Before reaching that stage, you should first decide which Best air cooler is the right choice to meet your specific requirements. Let us help you make this decision by describing the four most popular types of air coolers currently available in the market.

Desert Air Coolers

Desert coolers bring back nostalgia from childhood days, summer vacations, cool air, and the metal-body appliance, which needed filling with water daily. The modern-day desert coolers have the same benefits and many more but no traditional hassles. They are ideal during weather with dry heat and for places with low humidity. Typically deserts, hence the name ‘Desert Cooler’. They are well suited for large rooms since they have higher tank capacity and power cooling mechanisms. Crompton Optimus 65 and Ozone 55, and Kenstar CoolBlaster are India’s best-selling desert air coolers.

Window Air Coolers

Installing a window cooler is similar to the traditional room ACs. The setup comes with a water tank mounted on the back of the cooler, hence staying outside the house. This allows the setup to be neat and clean without taking up any space inside the room. Using powerful fans and a tank with water. The process of condensation and evaporation leads to a cooling effect without causing any dryness of the skin, something that ACs tend to do. While the window coolers might be a tad bit more expensive, their low maintenance cost, long-lasting structure. The low power consumption provides terrific value for money in the long run. Check out Kenstar Auster XW or Voltas VP 50 MW if you’re looking for the best window-mounted room coolers in the market.

Tower Air Coolers

Tower Air Coolers are very popular since they are sleek and slim and take up very little space inside the room. They are also mounted on wheels making it easy to move them around in the house as per your needs. Due to the vertical air distribution mechanism, they can cool the room quicker while using less power. Using powerful fans and a tank with water, the process of condensation and evaporation leads to a cooling effect without causing any dryness of the skin, something that ACs tend to do. Since they are tall units, they may require more maintenance than other room coolers, yet they are very effective and built to last for a long time. Symphony i-Pure and Bajaj TMH 35 are some of the best sellers in this category.

Personal Air Coolers

Ideal for smaller spaces, personal coolers are extremely popular for shops and small apartments. The powerful blades create a cooling effect in very little time. They are available in dry and water tank variants, making them versatile for summers and early monsoons.  Being smaller than other room coolers, they are lighter and effortless to move around. Crompton Genie and Havells Tuono are very popular due to their cost-effectiveness and power efficiency. Modern-day personal air coolers come with inbuilt water drain pipes and dust/insect-repelling nets. This adds to the overall hygiene of your living area, maintaining the health and well-being of your family. 

Personal coolers are particularly popular for stores and tiny residences since they are ideal for compact places. In a short period of time, the strong blades produce a cooling effect. They come in both dry and water tank versions, making them ideal for the summer and early monsoon seasons. They are lighter and easier to carry about than other room coolers since they are smaller. Due to their cost-effectiveness and power economy, Crompton Genie and Havells Tuono are particularly popular. Water drain pipes and dust/insect-repellent netting are integrated into modern personal air coolers. This contributes to the general hygiene of your living space, ensuring your family’s health and well-being.

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