4 Unordinary Ideas for Marriage Proposal

4 Unordinary Ideas for Marriage Proposal

If you are ready to make an offer to your beloved but do not yet know how to do it beautifully and effectively, then our tips are for you. These romantic ways will help surprise the future bride, hear a joyful “yes” and get a lot of pleasant memorable impressions.

1. On the Roof

For this option, you will need a clear evening, access to the roof of a multistorey building with a good view, a camping table with two chairs, a beautiful tablecloth, two blankets, and candles in tall glass candle holders. Having risen to the roof, seat your beloved at the table, cover with a blanket, light candles, treat with dinner and only then make an offer.

For a romantic evening, choose light dessert, fruits, and sweets. Canapes, tartlets, small sandwiches, which you can pre-order in a restaurant are suitable. Give preference to good champagne and in order not to freeze, prepare in advance a thermos with delicious tea or coffee. The extraordinary atmosphere, combined with billions of stars overhead, will make the evening truly memorable.

2. Unexpected Package

You will need helium-filled balloons, champagne, roses, refrigerator packagingб and the help of best friends. In a businesslike tone, warn the future bride that the courier will deliver her a parcel from one online store. At the appointed hour, a large box should appear behind her door, which friends with a serious look will bring to the house.

Inside an unusual package, you will be waiting armed with romantic attributes, a ring, and the most sincere feelings. Ask one of your friends or hire a video photographer to capture the whole process from opening the package to tears of happiness and the cherished “yes”. Unique frames will sincerely please you and your family.

3. Emergency Meeting

You will need the help of your future wife manager, a bouquet of flowers, a cake, two prepared in advance presentation slides with the inscriptions “The most important project in life” and “Beloved, marry me!”. The scenario of a marriage proposal is as follows. The boss asks to urgently gather colleagues in the conference room. Among those present should be your chosen one.

When everyone will gather in the room the manager must tell colleagues that an extremely important event for the company will happen today and ask everyone to carefully look at the screen. While employees will be surprised with descriptions on the screen you must come into the room. Get on one knee near your loved one and make an offer. Applause and general congratulations will really become an unusual event for the company and your future family.

4. Unexpected Surprise

A marriage proposal can be short but effective. For example, you decided to watch a movie together. Make a movie in advance with a cut from scenes where the hero asks to marry him. In the end, you just have to present the ring and utter the treasured words.

As another option, you can choose a photo story with an unusual continuation. Print your photos in advance, arrange a photo album, leaving several blank tabs. Insert a sticker with the inscription “Other photos in album No.2”. Gracefully remove the previously hidden wedding photo album, open it on the first page and say “Darling, I would be happy to see our wedding pictures here. Be my wife!”.

You can also simply fill the trunk of your car with flowers, balls, sweets and put the treasured jewelry box in the middle. Busily ask your girlfriend to get out of the trunk something. The effect will be amazing!