Common Mistakes Made In Personal Injury Cases


Mistake 1 – Not Calling the Police

To call the police at the place of an accident makes your case more powerful. Police will collect the evidence, investigate the proper case and find the correct witness for your case. The police report will become extremely useful proof for the victim suffering from a personal injury attorney. So, make it sure to inform the police as soon as possible to the scene of the accident. 

Mistake 2 – Not trying to find any medical attention

Often after the accident people don’t seek medication if the accident is not the serious one. This means if there are minor injuries at the time of the accident then it often gets neglected. If you want to collect the maximum claim by filing a personal injury claim then it is recommended to take proper medication. It will help in two ways – You will get to know if you are suffering from any internal injuries and second, all the reports presented by doctor and doctor’s statement will act as a proof for you when you are facing the case in the court. So, always find and take proper medication. 

Mistake 3 – Not collecting witnesses about the accident

Evidence and witness information is something that will become the key to get success in the case. This is quite difficult for you when you are having major injuries but if you are able to collect the evidence then it is the cherry on the cake. Try to collect the contact information of the witnesses located at the scene. If you are in the condition or there is anyone who can help you in capturing the photograph of the scene and your injuries. Give all this information, photographs to the attorney hired by you. Eyewitness and photography are solid evidence to win any case. Also, it will increase the chance of getting full compensation. 

Mistake 4 – Not filing the case 

Filing a lawsuit is often neglected even by the majority of educated people. It is always recommended to file for a claim as soon as possible. If you are waiting for something or stuck somewhere and filing a lawsuit after a duration then there are chances or I should say you are making it impossible to get the complete compensation. It is required to file a lawsuit within a mentioned time period after the occurrence of the accident and also before you become fully fit and fine.

Mistake 5 – Not taking the help of personal injury attorney 

This is the biggest mistake that is often done by most people in the case of personal injury. You are not the one who can understand all the legal languages. For this, you need to contact a personal injury attorney. You will get an experienced personal injury lawyer who will lead the case on your behalf. He collects all the evidence and information and frames them on the basis of showing it in the court. The attorney will make sure that you get almost all the compensation amount within the short interval of time. Some people think that the case is clear and they don’t need any personal injury attorney but when they discover that it seems easy but in reality, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Mistake 6 – Forgetting that you are under investigation 

This is noted most of the time that people who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit or the one who filed the case forget that they are in-between cases. There are chances that the opposition or the insurance companies’ representatives are following you. They can take videos or photographs of you which can turn your case on their side and you may lose the compensation amount. 

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Concerning points you must know in case of personal injury in McAllen Texas:

If you are from McAllen Texas then you should know the following points that will help in personal injury cases:- 

Injury Cases
Injury Cases

Time deadline:

If you are in any Personal Injury and thinking of filing a complaint for it. You should be concerned about its preparation and to file it as early as possible. Because all states have imposed statutory limits on the amount of time you have to go to civil court for complaining for your harm. The deadline will fluctuate in accordance with your case. 

In Texas, the statutory limit for filing the case of personal injury is two year from the date of the case. If you approach your court after the timeline, your case will not be heard or may be refused. It is not an easy task to comply and understand your case and prepare for filing a lawsuit at this time. If you are unable to do it in the desired time then you may lose your compensation as well. You must talk to an expert Personal Injury Attorney McAllen Texas to complete this process as soon as possible.

Fault Rule:

When you file a personal injury case in Texas. There may be a possibility that you may suffer back in it. In some personal injury cases, the person or business you’re filing a claim against argues that you are actually to blame (at least partially) for the incident that led to your injuries. In this case, you sometimes have to share the fault which resulted in some loss in your compensation amount you are going to get from the other party

In Shared-Fault Injury cases, Texas follows, “comparative negligence rule” which means that the amount of amount you are going to get will be lessened with the percentage amount fixed in accordance with your fault.

The bad news is that if your fault percentage is more than 50% then you will not receive a single penny.

Let me explain you with an easy example:

Example: Suppose you are going with your bike from home. At the time of taking  a right turn you met with an accident which results in breaking some part of your bike. But you later realised that your bike’s right side indicator was not working from home itself. Then at the time of  your case hearing Jury decide you with 25% fault blame. Now if your total damage is about $6000, then you will get 25% reduced amount of total that means only $4500 at last.