A Guide to Understanding Drug Possession and Supply Laws

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Drugs are usually divided into two categories namely,  illegal and legal to determine their status. However, it is just a smaller aspect on which the drugs are categorised and there is a wider aspect of drug law. Along with this, criminal penalties, drug offence, laws, and settings are also essential while determining the crime. It can be a challenging situation to get an understanding of the drugs and laws even for the drug crime lawyers in Cobb County.

Drug and its Legal Status

There are many substances that are prohibited in countries such as ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and cannabis. Hence, it is not legal to grow, supply, manufacture, or possess these drugs. These illicit drugs are also banned in most parts meaning that synthesising and possessing any illicit drugs falls under the illegal category. Before moving forward, let us understand the basic difference between supply and possess in terms of drugs.

  • Trafficking or Supply – It is the terms that are used to define the action of selling prohibited drugs to others illegally. This includes a trafficker, who sells the drugs for money, services, or property. 
  • Possession – This term is used for those who carry illegal drugs from a residence on any means of transportation. It can be possessed jointly and other individuals can also be involved in helping out the person possessing such an item.

If anyone is arrested while possessing or supplying any illegal substances then there are charges and punishments for the crime. the penalties may depend upon the drug type, offence, and prosecution charges. It is illegal to rent, own, occupy, or use premises for any activities related to the drugs. 

However, if a person has no idea that their property is being used for such activities then he/she can get in touch with a drug possession attorney to understand the charges and how to protect himself/herself in such a situation. For instance, committing the crime near youth facilities, school or young people is considered an aggravating issue which can result in high penalties. 

Dependency of the Drug

If a person is consuming drugs on a regular basis then he/she becomes dependent on them and it can lead to several issues. The drugs dependency and misuse can be a problem for professional and personal life including financial issues, bills payment, and lost job opportunities. The cost of drugs is extremely high that can’t be afforded by many people. This can often lead to new problems during the time of repayments.

As a result, people turn to illegal activities such as burglary, theft, robbery, and extortion. Many people even become drug dealers to earn more money that can result in a high penalty if caught. Hence, it is best to know the consequences of life, relationship, and health when using drugs. In major cases, even the topmost drug crime lawyers in Cobb County cannot save the offender. 

Drug Possession for Personal Use

As mentioned above, dealing, possessing, and supplying drugs can lead to imprisonment and is a serious offence. A person can be convicted of trafficking in major cases but there are exceptions to it. It is possible that if a person is penalised for possessing drugs then his/her own or family property can be confiscated.   check the drug quality toe categorise them into either of the three types namely, large commercial, commercial or trafficable. An individual has to prove that the drugs are not for supply or any trafficking until then it will be deemed as ‘for supply’. 

However, if it is not really a drug, then it is best to hire a drug crime defence attorney that can prove the same in court. The offence of possession can only be removed when the court is satisfied that it is not a prohibited drug. The exception is that if it has a small amount of drug in it then also the charges are placed. For instance, persuading someone to purchase a substance (drug or not) by saying that it is a drug is also a punishable offence, even if the substance is not a drug. Anyone cannot supply icing sugar while naming it as heroin, as they will be guilty of supplying prohibited substances.

Purchasing Legal Highs

The legal high drugs are in the market for the past few years and are considered safe. However, they can be extremely harmful since they are chemically altered and can be as harmful as illicit drugs. The government is working on such offence and explain how legal high supply or possession can be considered as a prohibited substance. This can lead to imprisonment, or fine.

The fact is that possessing drugs intentionally or unintentionally can have a huge impact on your future. So, it is best to avoid it as much as possible but if you find yourself in any drug-related situation then get in touch with the experienced drug crime lawyers in Cobb County