Dating an Older Women – The Definitive Guide


How it feels when you date a woman older than your age?

I have dated women who were older than me. They are usually attractive and they know how to treat a man right. If this is your first experience with dating an older woman then here are some things that you should remember.

Older women do not like men who talk about themselves too much. So, if you want to get her attention, listen to what she has to say.

Older women often feel insecure about their looks. You can make them feel better by complimenting them on their appearance. A lot of times, older women try to look younger than they really are. When you notice that she’s wearing makeup or she is trying to hide her age, don’t tell her how beautiful she looks.

Instead, compliment her on something else, such as her clothing or shoes. She might appreciate being told that she looks good even though she doesn’t realize that herself

Don’t compare yourself to other guys. Older women sometimes think that because you’re young, you’ll expect them to act like teenagers. But, don’t be surprised if she wants to take things slow and enjoy life.

There’s no rush to sleep together. And even if you decide to have lovemaking with her, don’t assume that she wants to have intercourse right away. Give her time to relax.

Don’t ask her to help pay for dinner unless you plan on paying for everything. Even if she offers to buy you something, let her pay for half of the bill. This way, you won’t feel like you have to spend money just to show her that you care.

Older women love to dress fashionable, but they aren’t willing to give up comfort. So, go easy on the clothes and accessories. Save them for special occasions.

Sometimes, older women are afraid of getting hurt. In order to protect themselves from being taken advantage of, they may put up walls and become distant. However, they still want to be treated well. Try telling her that you’re sorry for anything that you did wrong. Be honest, but don’t apologize for everything.

What to Do –

  • Give her some attention. Make eye contact, smile at her and say hi. This is a great way to get to know someone without making them feel like you are hitting on them.
  • Listen to her. She may not tell you everything about herself but she will let you know if something is bothering her or if she needs your help. She wants to know that you care and wants to listen.
  • Pay attention to her body language. Watch for signals that she is interested in you. A good approach would be to start small. Ask her about herself or compliment her on something that she has done well. These can be subtle things that don’t seem like flirting but they will let you know if she is attracted to you.
  • When you are both comfortable, go further. Let her know you are interested by giving her a hug or holding hands. Touching is a great way to show affection without saying anything. Just be careful not to do too much touching right away.
  •  Show her respect. Do not call her names like “bitch” or “slut”. Those words will only hurt her feelings and ruin your chances. Instead, use complimentary terms like “sweetheart” or “honey”.

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What Not to Do –

  • Don’t ask her what she does in bed. You may not want to know!
  • When she’s on top, don’t look down at your watch. She’ll think you’re checking out her body.
  • If she asks you about other women, change the subject. There are plenty of fish in the sea and you don’t need to tell yours how many others you’ve been with.
  • If she wants to go slow, let her. But make sure you don’t take too long; otherwise, she might get bored and find herself a younger man who appreciates her better.

Final Words

Dating older women can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Here are some tips that may help you get started:

  •  a) Do not go over to her house without calling first. Showing up unannounced makes them feel uncomfortable and puts a damper on the date. They want to know they’re wanted.
  •  b) Give them plenty of time to prepare themselves for your visit. If she’s busy doing something else, then ask her if she wants to meet at a certain location or if you could call and set up a meeting place.
  •  c) Ask about their hobbies. This will give you a chance to talk about things that interest you. You never know, there might be some common ground.
  •  d) Try to keep the conversation light and easy-going. Don’t try too hard. Let her lead the way.
  •  e) Be patient. She might take longer than expected to make herself comfortable around you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just be sure to take note of how long she takes.