How many types of directors are there?


You must have heard about the term Medical Directors in the field of health care systems or hospitals. The medical director is a position given to the person who manages the entire system of the departments of a hospital. But as there is various type of director in the company, there are different types of directors in the health care industry too. They may be classified based on non-clinical settings and the health care system. 

Types of directors in a non-clinical setting

The directors or medical directors who are hired in non-clinical settings don’t directly or conventionally treat the patients. But they are directly or indirectly associated with the healthcare industry and growing medical practice.

  • Medical director in a Pharmaceutical company

A medical director in a pharmaceutical company has many essential duties. They have to develop or produce drugs convenient to the market. To fulfill such a significant role requires major clinical experience, medical expertise, and healthcare knowledge. The medical director of the pharmaceutical company is responsible for looking after all the process of the clinical aspects.

  • Medical director in a facility department

A facility department can be any type of lab, center, or place where health-related services are provided. A medical directors has to oversee all the services provided by these facility departments. The facility department also includes places like detention centers, prisons, nursing homes, weight loss centers, and others.

  • Medical director in health care company

The medical director in a health care company takes decisions on policies of health care. They also sometimes have to take decisions on some complex cases regarding the coverage of health care facilities.

  • Medical Director in a non-profit health organization

An NGO dealing with disease or health-related issues must have a medical director. The medical director is the one who makes sure that the services provided by the organization are perfectly fitting with the medical standards of the current situation.

A medical director in non-profit health organizations deals with various kinds of work. They have to promote the initiatives taken by the organization. They also have to monitor every work of the organization. 

Types of directors in the health care system

The different types of directors in a non-clinical setting are discussed above. However, there are some types of positions for medical directors in the healthcare system.

The position of medical directors has been divided in the health care industry. As the healthcare system is big enough for just one person to handle all the responsibilities, the positions of the directors are divided to ensure the smooth running of the healthcare system.

The different types of medical director positions are:

  • Director of Adult Outpatient services
  • Director of Standardized patients
  • Director of Cancer programs
  • Director of respiratory programs and others

The types of directors in the non-clinical and healthcare industry have been discussed. But you should also know about the overall responsibilities of the medical directors.

Responsibilities of Medical directors

  • A medical director has to deal with various medical and community groups to ensure public relations and promote health care programs.
  • They have to supervise and evaluate the activities of the organization they are working for
  • Medical directors have to keep an eye on the work activities of nursing, clerical, maintenance, and other related activities of the organization.
  • They have to manage all the financial and administrative operations like budgeting, expenditures, accounting, and financial reporting of the organization.
  • They also have to maintain knowledge of the latest medicine, treatment equipment, rules and regulations of the government, financing options, and other latest knowledge related to the organization they are working for
  • To plan, implement, and administer the services and programs of the health care facility they are working for
  • Medical directors also have to manage the changes in the health care system to provide better services and programs to the patients of the organization.
  • They must also expand or develop programs to promote prevention, rehabilitation, and community health.

No matter what type of medical director you are, you will need various qualities and skills to become a medical director. If you are planning to become a medical director, you can explore the different types of directors in the company. If you indulge in the healthcare industry, you can also check out the procedure, roles, and responsibilities of a healthcare lawyer.

Summary of the article

Just like there is various type of director in the company, there are different types of directors in the health care industry too. One person cannot manage every task of the health care industry. And as the health care industry is a vast one, it is impossible to have a single position.

And that is why the article focuses on the various types of medical directors. The types of medical directors are divided based on non-clinical and health care systems. The non-clinical medical directors are medical directors in pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. They are also divided into medical directors, facility departments, and non-profit health organizations. The positions or types of medical directors in the health care system are the director of respiratory programs, the director of cancer programs, etc.