Top Liver Transplant Specialist In India And Success Rate

Liver Transplant surgeon

The liver, being the largest internal organ of the body, is responsible for many complex body functions. However, when it becomes dysfunctional or fails to function properly as a whole, the old Liver is removed and replaced with a new one. This complex procedure is known as liver transplantation. India has become a hub for organ transplantation, especially liver transplantation.

This is down to the trained doctors, world-class infrastructure, and affordable prices. There are several liver transplant specialists in India who specialize in liver transplantation for adults and the management of bile duct injury.  However, the best liver transplant surgeon in India is Dr Subhash Gupta working for Max Group of Hospitals.

Top Liver Transplant Specialist In India

Dr Subhash Gupta is the chairman of the Liver and Biliary Sciences Department at Max Hospitals. The Department is one of the largest liver transplant centres not just in India but the world. It has successfully executed 3000+ transplants till now and continues to operate on 200 patients annually.

Dr. Gupta’s duties stretch beyond being the best liver transplant surgeon in India.  He is also responsible for maintaining safety protocols in all the subdivisions of the department. This includes wings such as Hepatology, Anaesthesia, and Critical Care departments.

More About Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Gupta

  • Dr. Subhash Gupta has acquired his degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. He has also served his alma mater from 1981 to 1993.
  • He has experience of over 30 years in Gastroenterology, Hepatopancreatic Biliary Oncology, and Liver Transplantation.
  • He is a nationally acclaimed liver transplant surgeon. He has been honoured with the position of professor of Liver Transplantation by the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Medical Research, Kolkata.
  • Apollo Health Foundation has bestowed upon him an honorary Professor of Surgery.
  • He has won many accolades from the Indian Government, namely the Yash Bharti award by the Uttar Pradesh Government and the prestigious Dr. B.C. Roy award.
  • In 2016, he received international recognition where he was made an honorary Professor of Kazakhstan.
  • His patients considered him to be the best liver transplant surgeon in India.

Success Rate Of Liver Transplantation At Max Hospitals

Max Super Specialty Hospital provides the best quality medical services to its patients. It ensures that they receive intense care both during and after the surgery. The success rate of liver transplants at Max Super Specialty Hospital is over 95% and the ten-year survival rate is 80%.

The hospital has incomparable success rates due to trained doctors like Prof. Subhash Gupta who has been working for Max Hospitals since 2017.


The liver plays a significant role in the effective functioning of the body. However, if the liver becomes dysfunctional, it causes adverse effects on the body. In critical conditions when both medications and surgeries fail, it is imperative to undergo liver transplantation.

Since liver transplantation is a complex surgery that requires a nexus of expert doctors and world-class infrastructure, it is imperative to consult with the best liver transplant surgeon in India at Max Healthcare.