Tooth Problems and their Solutions

tooth problems

A beautiful smile is something which we all desire to have. It embarks our personality, gives us confidence and helps in other fields as well. But unfortunately, most of the people nowadays are suffering from various tooth problems and it is largely due to the bad food habits and laziness of brushing the teeth. Since from our childhood, the most basic thing we have been taught is brushing our teeth twice daily. But how many of us follow that? The answer is quite simple, “Very few”. And in the long run, this laziness would cost us dearly. Earlier this problem was mostly contained to children only but now it has spread to everyone irrespective of the age and group. Now let’s talk about the various tooth problems.

Tooth problems are of many types that include severe pain, sensation, tooth stain, bleeding, etc. Few take it seriously, while few just choose to ignore only to regret it later. Following are some of the dental problems which we must be aware of as knowing about these problems and their causes help us to prevent it.

1) Tooth Decay:

It is also known as a cavity, and is one of the most prevalent diseases all over the world. It basically occurs when a sticky substance forms on the teeth while we eat. This produces acids that attack tooth enamel and causes a lot of pain.

The best way to prevent this is to follow the basic rule, i.e. brushing teeth twice a day. You can also avoid this by following a strict diet plan and not eating any junk food outside your home.

2) Toothache:

This is one of those problems which we all might have faced till now, it is a common phenomenon, but it doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly as it causes a lot of pain and in some cases; it can’t even let you speak or sleep properly. Like the other problems, it also causes due to bad food habit. Visiting your dentist would be the best solution to this problem, as it increases gradually with the period of time.

3) Oral cancer:

It is a serious and almost a non-curable disease which has affected millions of people around the globe. Early detection is the solution to this problem.

4) Stained teeth:

Well, this problem is quite embarrassing. Imagine you are in the middle of the conversation with several people and someone indicates at your stained teeth. It’s horrible even to imagine it. Though you can overcome this problem using various methods like teeth whitening toothpaste and many more the best solution would be to visit your dentist.

There are many other dental problems, we will discuss in our next articles. But after reading the above problems, one thing that clicks is “visiting the dentist is the best and only solution for all your tooth problems”. No matter how much you deny, but deep down inside we all know the importance of the dentist in our lives.

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So choose the dentist of your choice and live a healthy life.