7 Things You Must Do After A Workout

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Everyone understands the importance of exercise to stay healthy and athletes know they need to work out for optimal performance. But when it comes to exercise, much is not at all better. Rest and recovery are just as important as the workout. This is when your body takes time to repair and strengthen itself to get fit for the next task. Hence, the post-workout routine also plays a huge role in yielding desired results. As your number one health expert, Darren Ainsworth has put together important things to do following those hours in the gym. This way, you know you are doing what is right for you to burn calories, build those muscles, or achieve your workout goals.

Level up on hydration

All that sweat dripping down your face and body during your workout is a loss of fluid. You need to get them replaced by drinking adequate water after a workout to make up for the loss. And we aren’t talking about the water you sip during exercise. You also need some post-workout hydration to regulate body temperature and prevent heat stress. Take a sip of sports drinks, amino-acid packed drinks, electrolytes-enhanced drinks to get your body hydrated. 

Stretch it out

Everyone knows it is important to stretch after rounds of workout, yet we still tend to skip that extra 10 minutes especially when the body has started screaming tiredness and soreness. However, the importance of stretching cannot be overemphasized for a better and healthy lifestyle. It gets the heart rate to return to normalcy which allows you to cool down and promote muscle repair and recovery. Therefore, after every session, take some time to stretch out every muscle group. 

Cool down with a post-workout exercise

One way to promote relaxation and recuperation is to incorporate cool-down exercise. You might be tempted to skip this part, but it is as well important as a warm-up exercise. A cool-down can allow your breath to return to a normal rhythm, regulate blood flow, and allow your body to go back to its normal state before a workout. This way, you can stay refreshed and rejuvenated physically and mentally. 

Take some MCT oil supplement

One way to give your body a quick energy boost is to take an MCT oil supplement. This supplement carries a lot of benefits and it’s not surprising it has gain ground among athletes and bodybuilders. MCT oil can help reduce rising lactate levels that can impede performance. It is also of great benefit for those looking to increase muscle, boost energy and promote the right environment for muscle repair. 

Get down to shower

The good old shower will only get better after a workout and it’s not something you want to miss out on. When you shower, you aren’t only getting rid of the smelly sweat together with the associated bacteria, you are also boosting your body’s ability to bounce back and be ready for the next workout. Instead of lazing around with a sweaty body after sessions, hop into the shower and enjoy the feel of those ice baths on your body. 

Take adequate rest

Another important thing to do after a workout is to get a good quality night’s rest. That’s when the magic happens. Your body gets to repair, muscle repair takes place and tissues are built. A crucial aspect for muscle growth, body recovery while reaping the benefits of physical activity. 

Indulge in self-care

Your body just undergoes some vigorous exercise and it deserves all the love you can show it to get it back in shape. Take time out for some self-care and relaxation. Rest, watch movies, meditate, do whatever it takes to give your body that much-needed attention. 

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