ED drug to help find these two Problems : Super Vidalista

Super Vidalista

What are Super Vidalista tablets?

Super Vidalista is a drug based on an innovative formula from Centurion Laboratories. This helps to solve not one, but several problems at once. The product improves the erogenous situation, and the person monitors during the strike. When you reach the limit of love, it delays the moment of ejaculation, which allows you to feel the most pleasure.
Super Vidalista intended for erectile dysfunction, the causes of which are:
Super Vidalista works at all stages of the disease. Also, the first symptoms of impotence and prevention of infertility eliminate.

Active and sub-components

The active ingredients of Vidalista divide into two groups:
Active ingredients:

  • Second components:
  • lactose,
  • sodium lauryl sulfate,
  • sodium starch,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • titanium dioxide,
  • Iron dioxide paint.

Dose form and a single dose

Super Vidalista is available in tablet form. Each contains 20 milligrams of tadalafil and 60 mg of dapoxetine. Tablets are round. The protective bark is vibrant flea color. The package consists of one blister of 10 tablets. Read the instructions before treatment.
Vidalista is for single use only. The course is not allowed. The maximum frequency of consumption is twice a week. One dose is one tablet. Drink 20-40 minutes before the auction.
Do not increase one dose. This does not increase the effectiveness of the product but causes adverse reactions. For the first time, choose the smallest amount – half a tablet. If the action is not enough, take the second half an hour later.

Conditions and shelf life of the drug

Store Tadarise 20 according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not remove the pulse from the shell. Keep them away from small children. Stay in touch with pets. Choose a cold and dark place. The room needs ventilation: air temperature + 15-25 degrees.
The shelf life of Vidalista is 24 months. The date of manufacture indicated on the package. After the expiration date, its use not reverse.

Application and mechanism in the male body

The combination of tadalafil and dapoxetine affects the body:
relaxing muscle mass in the reproductive system, Increases the tone of the smooth muscles of the head of the, increases the size of blood vessels promotes maximum blood saturation, increases the sensitivity of all erogenous zones, inhibits the enzyme PDE-5 responsible for ejaculation, absorbs serotonin released during intercourse.

What effect after removal

The product helps to increase the duration of action by 2-3 times
Super P Force Oral Jelly is having a double impact on the male body.
First, the drug helps to increase the duration of an erection by two to three times. Also, it does not lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the nervous system. Under its influence, the growth of natural science will increase. The orgasm itself is bright and vibrant.
Second, Vidalista slows down the ejaculation process. Early ejaculation, which is observed earlier, or immediately after insertion into the vagina. Such disorders develop in men of any age. Its appearance is excessive innate sensitivity to nerve endings, agitation, agitation, inability to control ejaculation due to insufficient experience, etc.

Use of Super Vidalista in the elderly

Super Vidalista can use for up to 65 years. After this age, it recommends using specially formulated mild stimulant natural supplements to increase male libido. Drug therapy in the elderly has side effects. Men between the ages of 55 and 65 should choose the lowest dose of Super Vidalista.

Advantages of such drugs

This drug has several significant advantages over such medications. First of all, it contains two powerful substances at once. So you feel the most prolonged effect.
Super Vidalista also lasts longer than its analogs. A positive result lasts up to 5-7 hours. Many similar drugs give results in four hours.
Finally, the tool has a stimulating effect. This means that it improves the state of the lovemaking function. You can use it with various issues in your intimate lifestyle.
Precautions and side effects when using the fuse

Take precautions when treating Super Vidalista:

take the drug no more than 24 hours, episodic treatment (2 times a week), limited consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and fatty foods, Take care of other medications.
With frequent use of the stimulant (twice a week), one dose should reduce. And take half a tablet at a time. With regular use, this allows you to get effective results in small quantities.

Intolerance to tadalafil and dapoxetine leads to side effects:

face, neck, breast cancer, redness sclera injection, Stephen-Johnson syndrome intestinal disorder back pain, and back pain, uncontrolled thirst
In case of side effects, stop using the product. The reaction usually lasts up to 48 hours. If it lasts longer, go to the hospital.

Consequences of overdose when taking large doses

The effects of Tadarise 20 overdoses can cause significant damage to the body.
Take two pills at the same time and look like human symptoms:
redness nervous irritation, nausea, sometimes vomiting, severe headache Gentle gastric lavage recommends in mild doses. Large amounts of selective inhibitors have toxic effects. If you have a substance abuse problem, do not go to the hospital without seeing a doctor.

The method of elimination from the body includes:

intravenous administration of liquid filling agents, appointment of sorbets (activated carbon) cleansing of gastric and intestinal microflora, use of potent diuretics, Vitamin therapy.
Poisoning manifests itself in the form of severe symptoms of intoxication and a sharp deterioration in health. Loss of consciousness is possible.

When taking super Vidalista is not recommended.

It does not recommend to take the drug with the body’s general weakness, decreased immune systems, severe fatigue, and disorders. Avoid stimuli for colds, viral, flu, and infectious diseases. This can cause complications.
In what cases we do not accept

It is not allowed to take Super Vidalista with medications, which include:

selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, nitric oxide donors, organic nitrates, monoamine oxidize and nor-adrenaline inhibitors, Blockaders, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers.
The effectiveness of treatment with these substances decreases due to the action of Super Vidalista. The drug is used two to three weeks after the end of the above medicines. Super P Force contraindicates in combination with antibiotics.

List of contraindications and warnings

Contraindications to Super Vidal: Allergy to any active ingredient restrictions of patient intolerance or lactase deficiency, glucose-lactose absorption, inflammation, and infection on the surface of the, it ‘s congenital or acquired deformation, lovemaking transmitted diseases. In case of renal insufficiency
Taking Super Vidalista is unfavorable for renal insufficiency because the active substances have a sufficient load on the kidneys. If there are significant pathologist (such as insufficiency), the drug can cause complications. In severe deficiency, a substantial increase in Super Vidalista inhibitors’ concentration in the blood and plasma observe.
Taking a drug for cardiovascular disease

The drug has side effects in cardiovascular diseases:

heart failure hypertension, sore throat, hypo- define tension cardiomyopathy coronary heart disease myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis detected, thrombosis
Also, the use of any synthetic drugs in cardiovascular diseases is prohibited.

Other a pathologist and Diseases

the Super Vidalista the CAN not the BE Used in conditions:
epilepsy, of leukemia, spinal Injuries brain injury, severe, depression neurosis Meningitis neurasthenia paralysis, the multiple sclerosis Parkinson’s disease cirrhosis of the liver, or peptic ulcer, snail tissue, vesiculate, Personae’s disease the Pharisees
Features of the simulator The peculiarity of the tool is its long-term stimulating effect. The brakes have a different effect on the duration: Tadalafil up to three hours

Dapoxetine up to seven hours.

During this time, the drug can keep the body in good condition. Active breathing in the p * is, and a good sense of the nervous limbs contributes to achieving a healthy and robust erection. And the absorption of excess serotonin leads to the complete elimination of premature ejaculation.
The basic properties of Super vidalista have quality tonic properties. In addition to affecting the patient’s physical condition, it increases efficiency and activity, replenishes energy, improves stability, and stimulates the brain. Thanks to these qualities, you will forget about fatigue and excitement!
Unlike other drugs to increase strength unlike other medications, Super Vidalista has a double inhibitory effect of increasing potency. As mentioned above, the drug: Affects the work of the enzyme in the process of ejaculation (Cialis), Reduces the concentration of serotonin in the cerebral cortex (dapoxetine). This composition provides the maximum effect necessary for fulls intercourse.