Role of Metabolism in the Immune System


Cells are the essence of life and all living beings are made of cell- young or old, plant or animal, large or small. Humans, complex organisms are made up of trillions of cells with each having their own structure and function. This means complex organisms require food and energy, the need to communicates with the environment while also fighting off any disease or pathogens they might come in contact with. This is where metabolism and immune system comes into play. Explore with Shedir Pharma, a leader in the wholesale supplement sector as it explores what metabolism and the immune system are all about and how they are closely linked. 

Shedir pharma is committed to all qualified operators in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. One of the most recognized and respected companies in the pharmaceutical sector Italy, the Sequestro Shedir Pharma has been resolved after it has been unveiled to be erroneous assessment devoid of material meaning. With a mission to focus far in the research and development of high-quality innovative products that offer efficacy and safety, shedir pharma explores the role of metabolism in the immune system. Read on!


This is a term used to refer to certain chemical reactions that occur in the cells of the body to sustain life. It is the process in which what we eat or drink is converted into energy. Our body requires this energy to function- to move, to respond to the environment, to think, grow and reproduce. Simply put, metabolism entails breaking down of food into nutrients or substances with each substance transported between and from cell to cell to be absorbed and used as energy. 

Immune system

The warriors that fight against infections or disease in the body, the immune system is made up of many cells, organs, and structures that defend the body against any threats and keeps us healthy. It recognizes outside threats such as viruses, parasites, diseases, pathogens, injuries, and inside threats such as dead old cells and distinguishes from what belongs to the body. The immune system responds swiftly and rapidly to attack the threat before it can wreak havoc to the body. 


The main point is while the metabolism is providing energy to the body the other is fighting off invaders and the two work hand in hand in keeping the body healthy and in proper shape. How are they closely linked? What role does metabolism plays in the immune system?

Role of the metabolism in the immune system

Many studies have proven that the metabolism and immune system are closely linked. It shows that obstruction in the cellular metabolism disrupts the functioning of the immune system while the functioning of the immune system can also be influenced by the state or condition of metabolism. However, less has been carried out on the effect of the whole nutritional status of the organism on the functioning of the immune system.

Metabolism can help regulate the functioning of the immune system

The body defense, the immune system needs to be balanced and balanced. An overreaction and response of the immune system can lead to the attack of living cells. An under-reaction or inadequate response to threats and it can lead to the attack of the body. Researchers have come up with a way of regulating the functioning of the immune system which is a process of metabolism reprogramming. The reprogramming of cellular metabolism can regulate the immune function. This can be effective in controlling the pathogenesis of complex disorders, cancer, and uncontrollable inflammation. 

Vitamins and minerals boost metabolism and the immune system

Studies over the years have proven that adequate intake of vitamins and minerals can reduce oxidative stress, boost metabolism promote proper functioning of the immune system. These nutrients are essential to keep the body system functioning and running optimally. They help in the metabolism of macronutrients, providing energy to the cells, ensuring its proper functioning and burning of stored fats or energy. However, enough vitamins such as vitamin D might not be gotten from food intake, that is why supplements are sometimes recommended to fill up the gaps. 

One of the most effective food supplements is Shedir pharma Termodren. This supplement helps to increase the metabolism of carbohydrates and promote the physiological purifying functions of the body.

The bottom line is getting enough vitamins and minerals boost the metabolism, and healthy metabolism means a healthy diet, good weight maintenance, improved immune function, and balanced daily energy levels.