Surprising Facts about Drinking Purified Water for Better Immunity

Purified water

The miraculous properties of water not only help you stay hydrated but also boost your immune system. An improved immune system is a step towards a healthy body. After oxygen, water is the most pivotal element on the earth for humans.

If we see on average, the bodyweight consists of 60 percent water. Out of that, the brain & heart consists of 73 percent water, the skin contains 64 percent water, lungs are made up of about 83 percent water, and so on. The importance of this precious liquid for the body can be gauged from the fact that humans can live without food for a few days but not without water.

Drinking Purified Water Regularly Is Very Crucial for Good Health

In the changing world, where pollution has become a part of our life, getting access to clean drinking water is not easy. Purified water is not only safe and clean but also good for raising the immunity of our bodies. It carries oxygen to the cells of the body, which supports the body to function well.

It is a fact that water purification is very crucial for good health. Drinking clean and purified water will support the body to eradicate the nasty toxins from it and live healthily. If you start sipping water daily at proper intervals, then it will become your habit. Once drinking water becomes a habit, the health benefits that you can gain from it are innumerable.

More Facts about Advantages of Purified Water

Are you sure the water you are drinking is safe for drinking? If not, it’s always a safe bet to get an RO purifier installed at home so that you can drink pure water at all times.

  • Squeeze Lemon in Purified Water

You can consider squeezing a spoon of lemon juice in a glass of RO purified water and drink it as soon as you wake up in the morning. As lemon is a good source of vitamin C, it can boost your immunity drastically and keep several diseases and infections at bay.

  • Aid Digestion

Proper digestion is directly related to water intake. The more the quantity of purified water you consume, the more it will help the bowel system to function well by increasing the immunity system of the body.

  • Production of Lymph

The immune system of the body uses lymph for the flow of WBC and nutrients to the body tissues. If your body gets adequate water filtered by a water purifier, then it will help in the production of lymph.

  • Defend Chronic Diseases

Purified water acts as a lubricant around joints and muscles. For proper working of the brain and joints, intake of adequate filtered water is necessary.

  • Boost Energy Levels

We need high levels of energy in our daily lives for doing various tasks. For raised energy levels throughout the day, the body needs to be well-hydrated. With the help of an RO purifier, you can consume adequate tasty water that is also good for your health.

  • Promote Weight Loss

If you are on a weight loss regime, it’s important that you drink more purified water instead of soda or artificial juices. It is free from calories and also helps you burn more calories. Water is great for promoting weight loss, provided you also follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

The quality of water depends on the locality where you reside. For water purification, always look for a water purifier, which can remove all sorts of contaminants and make you healthy in every sip. It is rightly said that ‘Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine.’