How to protect yourself from Allergies when Going Outdoors?

Allergy Pollen Counts
Allergy Pollen Counts

No one can deny the fact that they enjoy going outdoors to have fun and to relax. But for those people with allergies and especially seasonal allergies; it becomes to enjoy the weather and the sights as explained by professionals at Allergy and Asthma Clinic. But there are a few ways by which you can protect yourself when you want to enjoy the outdoors.

Allergy and Asthma Clinic tells about these Allergens:

There are basically two allergens that are present outside and notably during the seasonal allergies. Other allergens can also cause the reaction but they are rarely there in the atmosphere.

Pollen from Trees and Plants:

During both spring and autumn, the pollens are present in the environment. Both of the seasons are the time when plants and trees breed so the pollen count is the most. Most of the trees and plants pollination during the spring but there are scarce species that breed during the fall.

Outdoor Molds:

It is a common concept that molds are only present inside the homes but molds can be at places where there are moisture and dampness. When the season is warm; it reaches at a high level especially in July and in October during the autumn.

What makes Seasonal Allergies Worse?

There are mostly three activities that can worsen seasonal allergies. These are natural occurrences and reasons that increase the intensity of the reactions. Although all allergies aggregate when you are careless about the precautions that you take but seasonal ones are affected the most.

Going for Morning Walk or Jog:

The morning is the peak time for pollen and molds to increase in number. When you out for a walk or jog; the allergens can enter your respiratory easily because the count of the count is immense. In both spring and autumn, the situation is the same; but the pollen types are different.

Change in the Overall Climate:

During the past decade, the overall climate of the world has changed. As the temperature is rising at an enormous speed; so is the rate of pollen. The days of pollen in the atmosphere has increased up to 25 days. If you look on the other side of the picture; floods are causing dampness and moisture in the buildings which is the reason for the rise in molds.

Eating Wrong Food:

You must be thinking that only the pollens and molds are the culprits in the seasonal allergies. But there are specific foods that aid in a negative sense which makes the reactions even worse. Many of the foods seem to be harmless but for the people with seasonal allergies ginger, citrus fruits, oily fish, tomatoes and turmeric can increase the response time, intensity and duration.

Protect yourself when outdoors from Allergies:

When you have been diagnosed with seasonal allergies; the medical facilities like Atlanta Allergy Clinic tell about the things that you can do to protect yourself whenever you want to go outside. It is not necessary that you go out for recreation; your job can make you travel or work outside.

Which Allergen is the cause?

There are only two allergens that are the cause of seasonal allergies; one is pollen and the other is mold. Majority of people are allergic to pollen but the molds can also an explanation for allergic reactions. Anyone of the two is the only reason; so be sure which the real cause is.

Decide for the Right Time:

The worse time to go out is very early morning or at dusk; avoid these times at all cost or it can be life-threatening. The early and late afternoon is the best time to go out for seasonal allergic people. The pollen count reduces and is at the minimum at that time.

Medication on Schedule:

Before you go out you need not forget to take the medicines as a precaution. But it is also vital that you take the medication at the scheduled time to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Proper Outdoor Dressing:

It is not essential that the allergens are inhaled and cause the reaction; but also the skin becomes affected. Wearing the appropriate dressing like; full sleeves shirt, long trousers, gloves, mask, and sunglasses are essential for outdoor going people.

Change Clothes when Return:

Clothes are a vessel of pollens and molds carriers because they can stick on the clothes. It is advised that people change their clothes and take a bath immediately after coming from outside.

Know Everything About Allergies:

Knowledge of even the minute detail about allergies can make a great difference. You must know the exact time duration as to when the reaction begins after exposure to the allergen, what symptoms occur, the right Allergy Pollen Counts and especially when it stops?

Check Pollen Count:

Prior to going out the pollen count must be checked. The pollen count is mentioned in every newspaper, telecasted on television and radio and available on the internet as well. People think that the pollen count is the same every day during the peak seasons but that is not the case. The Allergy and Asthma Clinic suggests that the count is different all the time so look for the days when the quantity is the least.