6 Best Pregnancy Gadgets and Accessories

Pregnancy Gadgets

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for both mother and child. There are several things that you can do throughout your pregnancy to prepare for labor and delivery. One of the main things that parents are concerned with during pregnancy is the safety and comfort of their baby.

Many gadgets and devices can assist in providing a safer environment for mom and baby.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pregnant women utilize certain technology during pregnancy to reduce the chance of infant death due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Below are few of the best pregnancy gadgets that you can purchase now.

1. Maternity Pillow

A maternity pillow is a wonderful tool to help support the mommy belly during her pregnancy. A regular pillow is insufficient to provide proper support and comfort during pregnancy. As the uterus grows during pregnancy, it requires support to prevent discomfort and lower back pain.

Additionally, a maternity c shape pillow provides warmth to ensure that the mommy does not develop cold sores during pregnancy. The ideal maternity pillow should be soft and comfortable and conform to the shape of the mommy’s stomach. The padding inside the pillow ensures that the mommy remains warm and comfortable throughout the night.

During sleep, the mommy needs to maintain a stable position in order to avoid falling off the bed. Therefore, it is important that the mommy gets a pregnancy pillow that supports the mommy’s spine and keeps her head upright throughout the night.

A firm mattress is suitable for toddlers but moms and dads need to be extra vigilant in keeping the baby safe during sleep. A maternity pillow offers superior stability and comfort than a standard pillow. 

2. Maternity leggings

Maternity leggings give an added layer of coverage to the mommy belly during pregnancy. These leggings are designed such that they fit comfortably on the waist and thighs.

Leggings provide additional protection against chafing as well as protect from accidents such as falls when playing or getting up to go to the bathroom.

They also offer great comfort and flexibility while walking around the house. Maternity leggins come in different styles and colors depending upon the preferences of the women. They are available in cotton, spandex, mesh, knit, floral, solid, embroidered and more. Buy maternity leggings online today!

3. Heartbeat monitor

Heartbeats vary throughout the day as the baby moves and growls within the womb. A heart rate monitor helps keep track of this change in heartbeat and alerts the parent if there is any problem. A heartbeat monitor is a useful device because it allows parents to see their babies’ activities at any given moment.

This allows them to respond immediately to any changes in their baby’s health condition. A simple increase in heart rate often indicates something is wrong with the baby. It is recommended that mothers use a heartbeat monitor to ensure that everything is fine with their baby.

In addition, a smart baby monitor with screen is a good device for parents who want to keep track of their babies’ activities when they are away from home.

4. Insulated water bottle for pregnency lady

During pregnancy, moms-to-be are prone to developing cold sores. The warmer temperatures within the body are required to trigger blood flow to the skin which causes the development of these sores.

Cold sore remedies include using a humidifier and applying an ice pack to the affected area. However, these methods only work temporarily until the skin starts to heal itself. An insulated water bottle for pregnant woman is one of the most effective ways to combat cold sores.

The bottle comes with a special cap that prevents the heat from escaping out of it which makes the bottle colder than normal bottles. When the mommy first feels cold sores, she just has to open the insulated water bottle and drink some hot beverage. This will help to make the skin dry and prevent further development of cold sores.

5. Pregnancy bra

As mentioned above, pregnant women require extra attention in maintaining their figure. A good quality maternity bra can help you achieve your desired look. It will also help to support the growing tummy and minimize the appearance of bulging breasts.

In addition to this, it will also lessen the chances of leakage. There are various types of maternity bras available in the market. Some come with adjustable straps, others have removable cups and many have wireless halters. The type of maternity bra depends on your preference and the size of your bust line.

6. Belly bands

Expectant mothers wear belly bands to flatten their stomachs. Soft, stretchy material and elastic edges.

Small (30 – 35 inches) and large sizes are available. Between the navel and rib cage, the belly band is worn.

The purpose of wearing a belly band is to flatten the stomach and minimize the appearance of the expanding abdomen. During pregnancy, moms need to wear clothes that allow adequate movement of her baby and do not restrict it. Because of these reasons, it is important for moms to wear a belly band during pregnancy.

Other gadgets

7. Bellybuds pregnancy headphones

Pregnant ladies usually suffer from swollen feet due to increased levels of hormones in their body. They often find walking difficult due to pain in their feet. In order to overcome this, they should buy a pair of comfortable shoes that fit properly.

Even though buying new shoes is expensive, plenty of options are available online. One such option includes pregnancy headphones that play soothing music while providing comfort to the feet. These headphones feature a comfortable design and convenient controls that allow users to control volume and choose different songs.

8. Diaper razors

Moms who have been experiencing painful urination may benefit from using a diaper razor. This handy tool features a curved blade that is inserted into the buttock crease and trimmed away the hair that grows along the edge of the anus.

The benefits of using a diaper razor include easy access, removal of unwanted hairs, faster recovery time after trimming and no irritation caused by shaving.

9. Prenatal vitamins

Pregnant women must take prenatal vitamins as recommended by their health care providers. These supplements contain nutrients that are essential for fetal growth and development as well as provide additional protection against illness.

Vitamins are considered vital during pregnancy because they assist in the absorption of iron and folic acid. Another advantage of taking prenatal vitamin is that it helps to reduce the risk of miscarriage. The vitamins boost energy and improve moods.

Thus, pregnant women should check if the medication contains iron, folate or calcium before consuming them.

Final words

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you are required to follow any particular diet plan.

However, you still need to ensure that you eat nutritious food throughout the day so your child gets all the necessary nutrients. You can get ready for pregnancy by following some of the tips listed above.