Best Online Medical Consultancy Platforms In The US

Online Medical Consultancy

The 2019 pandemic changed the world and habits of people in many ways. The lockdown witnessed several fields of life shifting online, one of them being the health sector. Doctors preferred online consultations because of the nature of the disease that was rampant. The trend of online medical consultancy hasn’t gone down even after the lifting of lockdown restrictions. It’s favorable for doctors and patients both.

Patients don’t have to be dragged to a hospital or clinic just for a check-up. Doctors on the other hand can analyze the patients without having to come in touch with them. Well, both parties need basic requirements to have the whole process done. One is a gadget like a smartphone or a laptop and the other is the stable internet connection for an uninterrupted online session.

If your current internet connection isn’t working well and you’re looking for the best one, we suggest you switch to Optimum for crucial medical consultancy. It provides fast-speed internet with a stable connection and that too with no data cap. You certainly don’t want to note the wrong medicine because your internet connection lagged at the wrong time.

So call numero de Optimum atencion al cliente if you are a Spanish customer and get the plan that suits your needs the best. With that sorted and coming back to the topic, now let us have a look at some of the top online medical consultancy platforms in the US that we have accumulated for you in this guide.


Do you want an online medical consultancy platform that can work with your primary care physician and where you can get same-day appointments? Consider PlushCare for this. The healthcare providers here are competent and skilled at maintaining the required follow-up relationship. Doesn’t matter what your medical condition is, you can always consult them.

All the acute and chronic illnesses like STD testing, asthma, and diabetes can be consulted for. You can also get help regarding prescription refills. Moreover, to use their services, the monthly subscription fee is only $14.99 with a thirty-day trial period. In this, you can book a same-day appointment and send unlimited in-app messages for inquiries. PlushCare also accepts major health insurance coverage.

Doctor on Demand

The need for behavioral health issues solutions is increasing. The issue with mental health concerns is that patients find it difficult to get the motivation to go check with a specialist, especially the introverted ones. Things can change rapidly with such issues.

This is where Doctors on Demand can come into play. There’s no need to commute to a doctor while suffering from mental health issues. Their services are available in over 50 US states and anyone can consult the doctors, with or without insurance. Also, the aim of Doctors on Demand is that everyone has a right to consult a competent and board-certified doctor without a care in the world about health insurance.

Sesame Care Telehealth

All your healthcare issues from mental health, skincare, and dental symptom assessment to sexual health are covered at Sesame Care Telehealth. You also get the facility to book a same-day appointment. Even though it is not covered by your insurance, the people who have used this service vouch that the rates are lower than the insurance. The platform is specially created for those who don’t have medical insurance.

In addition to that, the prices may vary depending on the location and the medical healthcare provider that you choose but still remain affordable. You can pay for the medication with your insurance if it is prescribed by your local pharmacy. A separate section is completely allotted for men’s health issues, from physical to mental health.


Did you ever go online to look for an answer to a healthcare question but instead get confused? This happens because there is a bombardment of information online and it gets difficult to know what information is supposed to be taken and what should be discarded. In moments like this, JustAnswer can be a lifesaver. While it is not a replacement for a primary physician, it is still a reliable first step in a medical journey.

This subscription-based service company allows you to ask unlimited questions to qualified doctors. For unlimited questions, the monthly subscription fee is $41. For the first seven days though, you can avail of the services for $5. The specialist communicates with you via call, text, or live chat. The platform also allows you to upload images or documents to better convey your issues to the doctor. Isn’t it amazing?


What can be better than a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine service? Amwell is an affordable, one-stop medical service provider that offers consultation for a variety of issues. The patients can choose the best doctors but it depends on their availability.

Furthermore, the platform also collaborates with medical insurance and can offer urgent care for an online psychiatric visit for up to $279. Other than that, you can also access therapy and help with breastfeeding. Once you have subscribed to the services, the doctors are almost 24/7 accessible. All you have to do is book a quick appointment and you can see the doctor almost immediately.


Technology is making healthcare service provision simpler and more convenient. You can easily access top-quality health care with these online platforms. Not only these are super affordable but also provide services of qualified healthcare specialists so that you can confidently consult them.