Why Should I Buy A Standard Or An Olympic Barbell Holder?

Why Should I Buy A Standard Or An Olympic Barbell Holder

Why care to buy a Barbell Holder? Is it valuable to your fitness journey? Let’s find out.

Most of us are always keen to add another pair of dumbbells, barbells, slam balls, and even resistance bands to our collection. It is not always that we pay attention to the spots we are storing all our equipment. It should be noted that the way you keep your fitness gadgets determine how long they’ll be serving you.

Simply throwing those bars and dumbbells will only result in denting or loss of shape. Hence, barbell holder, dumbbell racks, and every other spot where you keep your accessories matter. If at all you are thinking about getting a holder, you should go through the pros and cons of it. Here, we’ll first let you know why you should invest in a weight holder.

Why buy a Barbell Holder? 

  • For Additional Support: While in gyms we have additional racks and holders placed on the side for us to mount equipment, it is not available at our homes. It is indeed a necessity to care about how you unload the weight after the exercise. When you start squatting, you wish the barbell was already placed at your shoulder. How do you get it there? This is why holders these are important.
  • Proper Storage: It is almost impossible for some people to get their home gym equipment rightly confined within the space of their room. Trust us, having a rack at one corner will be a sure-shot solution to every storage problem you’d ever face. All your barbells will get a suitable corner. All your dumbbells are lined together. It is all dreamy for a fitness enthusiast.
  • Multiple Bars Together: Think about it? How efficient would your home workout get if all the equipment are lined up just as in the gym? Plus, there are no additional members here working with the same very dumbbell that you want. It becomes super easy. Having all the barbells placed together will let you go through your superset effectively. This is indeed a plus point for people who practice supersets.

And knowing the pros isn’t the only thing you should add to your memory. There is more to it. Starting with how to pick the right holder? Let us guide you through it.

What to consider while buying a barbell holder? 

While you look at the weights of dumbbells, kettlebells, and even slam ball before buying them, you should take a look at their storage spaces too. Here is everything you need to see while buying a barbell rack.

  • Affordability: First things first, you should look at your budget. Home gyms generally lack one of two things and there isn’t a point of time when you feel, yes! I now have everything I need in my space. Therefore, spending on holders becomes an issue and you should see if it isn’t falling out of your budget.
  • Flexibility: By flexibility, we mean the features that these racks and holders carry. This means you should investigate whether these are capable of holding heavy-weight barbells. Is there anything else you can mount over or place inside these? Generally, there are boasting features attached to these. Do not fall for them.
  • Specifications: How can we forget the specifications? It is just your home gym. You must have allocated it in your balcony, room, or even garage corner. It is necessary for you to know about the size in terms of length and breadth so it fits in your room properly. After all, what would you do with such machinery that doesn’t fit in?
  • Ratings & Reviews: Make sure you look at the ratings by previous clients. Chances are the more boasting there is, the less happy the clients may be. It is all dreamy on the internet store but not in reality. Hence, looking at the ratings will let you know if the machinery you are buying is actually worth it or not.

What should you not do? 

What happens is that we buy expensive pieces and we forget to take care of them. As in this case, many fitness freaks leave the weight loaded by the end of their workout. A glimpse at the rack and you see barbells loaded with heavyweights. This will lead to a permanent bend if not corrected initially.

What should you do?

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