How To Find Moments Of Joy, Every Single Day

Moments Of Joy

Everyone wants more joy and happiness in their life, everyone wants less stress. But most of us are looking in the wrong direction. Too busy living on a fast train that we don’t know how to come off. We are so focused on getting to the end of that journey, that elusive dream where they think joy is. That we actually miss out on so many beautiful moments of joy. We totally miss beautiful places, people and so many special gifts along the way.

What Is Joy?

Joy is the energy, the vibration of great happiness. But, I think joy has a natural innocence and purity to it. The fact is a joy is there to be found, to be experienced every single day. The most simple pleasures of life contain joy. If we would only slow down enough to notice.

Joy was found in the scent of a beautiful rose in the garden, in the freshly picked orange and in the breeze of the sea salt air. It was found in the kind smile of a friend or neighbour as much as that beautiful piece of art. It is heard as much in a grandparent’s storytelling as a child’s giggles.

Why Joy Is Lost In Most People’s Life’s

But sadly, we are all too busy chasing tomorrow’s, too busy thinking joy is in our next project, in our next holiday, next relationship. That we are missing out on 86,400 seconds of joy every single day.

We can see how much industrialization and mass media has impacted our modern world. But we’re less likely to notice how much it has hypnotized us into believing that joy is in only in tomorrows. In our next goal, our next dream, our next success. Whether that is financial security, career or business success, power, the perfect or ageless body. The facts are we are living in a mass million-dollar illusion of manufactured success, photoshopped and surgical beauty. The world we live in is simply crazy. We waste hundreds of hours in a year insanely glued to a square box. And send hundreds of short silly messages to our friends and family while we can’t even sit down, connect and really talk.

The Trap Of The Modern Mind

As a therapist and healer for too many years. I see how trapped we are all in this illusion, the illusion of society and our mind. Let’s look at how anxious and stressed you get over the smallest and un-important things. Just think about what you have been anxious or stressed about today. Most people today are behaving and acting like their lives are about to end. Working and living like they are struggling to survive. Depressed and in debt as if they have nothing. While in reality, they have more luxuries, more ease and convenience than most of our ancestors could ever imagine.

In the uk most families have at least one car or more. While a study in 2015 showed “Americans throw away approximately $165 billion worth of food each year, and for the average American family, that can be up to $2,200 per household”

 I see people struggling to find joy, I see them struggle to find passion and purpose even those who actually seem to have it all. I was someone who began to suffer chronically disabling health conditions from a young age. Symptoms that impacted my quality of life in many ways. But I still could find joy. I even found my passion and purpose. No matter what challenges you are facing. We can all experience more joy, more laughter. We just need to get our head out of the chaos, out of the illusion

Find Moments Of Joy Through Meditation

I found meditation was the easiest way to start finding more moments of joy. Especially when you bring meditation into your daily life. I find meditation naturally helps people slow down, experience more calm, less stress and definitely less suffering. Meditation will help you be more aware, be more present. Meditation is something you should learn and teach your kids.

I honestly believe meditation can be the most powerful life skill a person can learn. Especially when meditation is taught by a highly qualified and experienced meditation teacher or therapist.

Meditation when taught effectively, helps you not only move more into the present moment but helps you experience moments of bliss. Meditation helps loosen the confusion, the distortion of the monkey mind. When you meditate, you begin to detach from your internal and life’s external stress and confusion. Meditation helps you find your own inner sanctuary, your own inner healing which is within you. There are so many great free meditation courses.

With daily meditative practice and patience, you will also cultivate a much deeper connection to your own inner self, your own inner guidance. You will experience more moments of joy when you learn to get out of your head when you learn to be in the moment when you learn to flow with life.

The more you learn how to be in the moment, you will find many moments of joy