Women’s Health Concern – Menopause Hair Loss

menopause hair loss- Women’s Health Concern – Menopause Hair Loss

For every woman, hair loss is really a shocking thing to tackle. Being a female, you can trim your hairs, comb them with different styles, and care for them as desired. But, when they start falling, it could really make you shocked that can lead to decreased confidence. Menopause is a health concern that contributes significantly to hair loss among women. It usually happens around the age of 50 and leads to uncertain hair fall. Menopause hair loss can cause hair fall in moderate to large volumes. You can experience massive hair fall while washing your hair, bathing, and combing.

Why does it happen?

When you reach the age of 45-50, the natural reproductive hormones start to decline naturally. It can cause a permanent stop to menstruation. However, it is a natural procedure that is nothing to have done wrong medically. But, it can let you experience some discomforts such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Though, the major concern with this problem is hair loss. Due to this, the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body start falling significantly. During this period, the hair becomes thin as the hair follicles become shrinking. The ability to grow new hairs decreases and new hair fall quickly.

Does menopause cause hair loss?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It causes hair loss by affecting hormones. Many females have a misconception that hair loss due to hormonal changes is non-reversible. But, it is not the case in reality. If you do not have genetic hair loss problem, then the loss is easily reversible. However, during this period, there are several factors that can play an important role in the prevention of hair loss. Stress is a common situation that could affect and escalate more hair loss. When the process of menopause is triggered, it started hormonal changes that result in hair fall. However, it is natural to get shocked at that time when you see a number of hairs in the breakdown. But, at that time, you must understand that it is a natural process. If you get stressed, then it could lead to more hair fall.

What to do during a menopause hair loss situation?

Nevertheless, you cannot stop the natural process of hair loss that is followed by menopause. But, here are some useful tips that you can follow to manage and prevent hair fall.

Stop using cosmetic treatments.

You can stop using hair straightening, hair dyes, and other heat devices. It is recommended to use hair-thickness shampoos and conditioners.

Healthy diet

A routine followed by a healthy diet is essential to keep you in good health. You can consider eating green vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, and nuts during this period. A healthy diet can prevent trigging of excess hair fall during the menopause period.

Hair Growth Topical

There are hair growth topical available in the market that you can buy online and over the counter. These topical and serums can significantly boost the growth of hairs by providing essential nutrients to the scalp.

Some medications such as Minoxidil can help you significantly to grow the hairs naturally. You can get this medicine from the pharmacy and can use it as topical on the affected areas of your head. Minoxidil is helpful in growing hairs naturally and for prevention that can prove beneficial for you.

Discuss your medications with your doctor.

Hair loss is one of the negative effects of several drugs. If you’re losing a lot of hair and think it’s because of your medication, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may be able to switch you to a different medication that has fewer side effects. Do not stop taking your prescriptions without consulting your doctor first, as this could be harmful to your health.

Is hair transplant a good treatment for menopause hair loss?

Yes, it could be a good solution to grow hair back after hair loss due to menopause. You can have it with the help of a professional hair surgeon. There are techniques like FUE and FUT hair transplants that can significantly benefit you. However, it is important to wait until the hair fall stop during menopause. You can schedule a consultation to grow your hair back. The surgeon will evaluate your condition and can suggest the best treatment plan. But, it is really important for you to know how much success you can get with a hair restoration treatment.

However, it is scary to pretend how does menopause causes hair loss? But, it is not unfeasible to restore hair growth back after menopause. You can experience visible results with these treatments and can get fuller and thicker hairs.

The Final Summary

This is a useful guide to let you know how does menopause cause hair loss. I hope you have gained adequate knowledge about this highly concerning the issue of women’s health. You can consult with a Beverly Hills Hair Restoration hair surgeon to get the best hair treatment.