Medicine Plan and Production Methods

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The pharmaceutical industry is a very big and diverse industry that has very diverse employment sectors, one of the most important among them is planning medicines and manufacturing them. As we all have witnessed the recent corona pandemic we knew how hard do these scientists and researchers work to find a cure for the diseases.

Today in this article Evasione Shedir Pharma, an organization of pharmaceutical products and an active operator in the healthcare sector and specialized in the research, will talk about the process of manufacturing medicines from all the research and development to getting approval to producing the cure for the disease and everything you need to know about it. 

Studying about the disease

When the scientists are given the work to produce medicine for a certain disease, the most important and the first step they take is to educate themselves and study about that disease. Causes of the disease, the nature of the disease, the type of the disease, is it airborne or not, and many other factors. The scientists study them carefully and educate themselves that helps them to understand the disease more and makes it easier to find a cure for that. For anything in this world, good solid research is very important as it makes everything easier to understand and it helps you move forward to the results. 

Process of discovery to approval 

Once the process of research is completed and the scientists have educated themselves about the disease and the factors causing the disease the next important step is to conduct different tests and observe the impact of different biological and chemicals on the model organism causing the disease. After observing and obtaining positive results from the test, the scientist then searches for a safer version for human beings to use. 

Obtaining positive results is one part of the process and after obtaining positive results the scientist now waits for approval for the process that commences to clinical trials. They submit the report to the drug association, then the process of clinical trials take place for several years and several rounds from which it is ensured that it is safer for humans to use and there are no major side effects, and it is safer and effective for the cure of the disease. 

Approval and production 

After receiving approval from the drug association, the next and important step is to produce and market the medicine. But it is not easy as it looks, the manufacturing process is supervised by the government and must follow government rules and regulations. The regulations consist of everything from using the best practices and not using any potential contaminants that can lead to impurities in the medicines. The company can use any type of equipment of its choice to produce medicines but all the types of equipment must be sanitized and disinfected to reduce the risk of contamination. 


This might not be as complicated as the clinical trials but this is a very important step for any company that has discovered medicines and cures for certain diseases. After a company successfully created a certain medicine that is approved as the cure of the disease the company patents the molecule that prevents any company from copying it for the next 20 years. According to Evasione Shedirpharma patenting helps the bigger companies to cover the cost of failed attempts and production of the medicines. Patenting helps the company to claim and market the drug as their own and no one can copy or produce the same type of drug with the same molecules, if a company tries to do so a legal lawsuit is filed against them and legal actions are taken against the company that tries to copy them. 


This might be one of the most important steps after everything is done from clinical trials to patenting now is the time to market the newly made drug. Marketing is important for the drug to sell and to provide every right bit of information to the consumer that is consuming the medicine that you are producing. Somewhere marketing is the duty and responsibility of a pharmacist. We know the cost of manufacturing medicine is very high as the heavy machines, labor, the time it takes to produce the medicine is very much. And to cover the cost of all of that marketing is a very important aspect not only for medicines but everything in the world to sell and make a profit on them. 

Producing and planning medicines can be a very challenging task for the scientist because it takes a lot of effort and research to find a cure for a specific disease, and producing medicines is not something that can be done in one month or one year the medicines have to pass clinical trials that can take up to a decade. So, here are all the things by Shedir Pharma about the planning and production of medicines and everything you need to know about it.