11 Ways To Manage Diabetes In Holiday Seasons


The holiday season arrives with some of the unique set of challenges when you are dealing with type 2 diabetes though you can turn this holiday season into the most enjoyable times of the year. They usually revolve around foods as well as drinks and basically sweets and other alcoholic beverages for many social events available this time of the year.

With the social gatherings, holiday cooking and baking as well as the decorations and shopping for the gifts, you can get a lot busier than what you are normally with.

You can add in several house guests from out of town and get together along with your family members in your home under the comfort of air conditioning Sydney as you might not always get along with and this is considered to be the recipe involving some higher levels of stress as well as burnouts.

However, with some little bit of planning as well as perseverance, you can get to enjoy being out in the holidays and staying on top of the diabetes list. The following are the tips that can be your guiding light from keeping with you this season and many others that follow.

Always maintain your routine

While you are in your holidays, it is important that you might get sidetracked so, you need to ensure that you are keeping some time apart for your regular planning and preparations for your meal. This would be the best way to not get tempted with the fast-food fixes there out for dinner or skipping your workouts.

Prioritizing your exercises

If you are suffering from diabetes then you need to exercise regularly even in the holiday season. Have your exercise sessions enlisted and also make a commitment that you will follow this irrespective of whatever happens.

Say “NO”

You need to have your schedule simplified all by saying NO if you are feeling extremely overwhelmed. You might also get some renewed sense of energy and optimism when you are opting out from an invite and getting in the bed early for the night as you need not have to attend every holiday event.

Eating prior to partying

You need to ensure that you consume healthy food before heading out for a party where there would be piles of tempting foods. This will prevent you from overeating as well as binging on the sweets.

Be choosy over food

You need to follow some healthy eating plans one with that of little to no sugar, bread, pasta even rice and white potatoes.

This does not imply that you will not be able to enjoy your holiday meal. By filling up on the crackers, bread and the cookies you need to look out for some special holiday treats that require good for your body.

Staying human

You need not beat yourself when you slip and indulge in several holiday sweets. You need to get back on track the day next and remember that you are exercising as well as choosing your healthy foods for nourishment and support to your body.

Bypass alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, they are fast-acting sugar. They usually increase blood sugar and while overdosing over it can lead to some potentially dangerous blood sugar crash and even greater increase over the sugar levels. So, give a pass on the spirits and opt for beverages that are non-alcoholic. 

Never skip your meals

You can upset your blood sugar levels when you skip on meals and this leads to low blood sugar. You can also overeat later on or succumb to the temptation of making some unhealthy food choices. You need to ensure planning out the meals and taking some time to eat things that are healthy.

Get enough sleep

Your hunger levels can be influenced by the late nights and the sleepless night as they also hamper your willpower and your mood.

It can also assist you to be optimistic as well as have a healthy outlook while giving the energy that you require for continuing the exercises as well as the holiday events. So, you need to ensure that you are sleeping well under the comfort of ducted air conditioning Sydney.

Deal with stress through healthy outlets

You need to take out time for relaxation while you are feeling overwhelmed. It can be anything. Be it a long soak in the water tub, chatting with a friend or zoning out on a good book. You are most likely to reach out for sugar as well as the carbs as a pick-me-up while you have become stressed out.

You need to have your stress levels under control as this would be making your diabetes a lot easier manageable as you need to make this a priority.