5 Things To Look For A Legit Medical Supply Store

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The popular phrase “health is wealth” is an understatement in times of the current global pandemic. It goes without saying that when it comes to medical supplies, it is a must that we have a guide on how we tell that it is a reputable source. Legitimacy is equivalent to effectiveness in this specific area. Our lives can be in danger once we acquire items that are faulty, of poor quality, and sold illegally. Here are 5 characteristics to look out for:

Credibility of a website’s About page

This is probably the most overlooked portion in a website. As consumers, it is natural for us to get what we need when we want it. This has become the norm of the digital age wherein convenience is vital to a company’s website to be fully utilized. And because the internet is limitless and can be accessed by anyone easily, bogus websites and getting scammed is inevitable. Double-checking the background of medical supply store will save you all the trouble. The about page should include specific details, brief history, and its mission and vision to ensure the credibility of their company.

Verify the location and contact details

A lesson learned for many victims of fraud is to always check their location and if their contact numbers are fully updated. It is highly suggested that we take time to call first to inquire about availability of the items we plan to purchase before placing our order online most especially if it is an independent website – meaning it is not based in an e-commerce site with various merchants.

Return policy is available

Before hitting that “check out” button, make it a habit to review their return policy! Online legitimate medical supply store is not an easy business. It requires enough financial investment to sustain itself while starting out. Collating direct manufacturers, distributors, and choosing the best brands for their products is one of the laborious tasks they will have to undergo. They will also need to do a lot of research to determine which medical supplies are the most in demand in a certain country. Web developers and hosting can also be costly mostly for website that are heavy on images and texts. Let’s not forget, marketing is another expense they need to be visible to their target market.

With that said, it is highly unlikely for a medical supply store to decline returns and refunds. The hard work and dedication they put in their business venture to serve the community is not worth risking the client satisfaction.

Complete product specifications

Let’s talk about expectation vs. reality. Product specifications are there to avoid any form of false promotion. Details like material, size, quantity, set inclusions, warranty, disclaimers, and other notable descriptions are necessary when selling items related to medical use. In this case, the more specific, the better the legitimacy.

Secure payment channels

With the current unseen and transmittable virus, non-cash transactions are highly encouraged. Reputable payment channels like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal are one of the leading credit card companies that can guarantee solutions for mishandled and incorrect payments.

The Philippines is not the healthiest nor the safest country. Our common diet alone poses as a threat to our blood sugar levels that can eventually lead to diabetes. Cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, and other respiratory issues are the leading causes of death in the country. Our various modes of almost obsolete transportation increase the risk of motorists and pedestrians, while the rise of poverty that leads to using light-weight housing materials and counterfeit items make Filipinos vulnerable to accidents. Choosing the best medical supply store to cater to the needs of personal, academic, and corporate is a viable solution to lengthen the lives of our brothers and sisters in the country.