Is Invisalign Available for Only One Arch (Top Or Bottom) Teeth?

Invisalign treatment

You can get Invisalign treatment for only your one arch (top or bottom) teeth if you consider the cost or just believe you want partial Invisalign treatment to obtain a straight smile.

With this kind of treatment, you only need to wear your aligners on just one arch. This kind of treatment is usually targeted at solving a specific problem. For instance, in the case of malocclusion, your dentist can help to adjust one arch to correct a poor bite. This opposes the general correction with the complete Invisalign treatment.

This treatment option will drastically cut down the sets of aligners you need to complete your treatment, thereby reducing your overall cost.

Single arch Invisalign treatment: What is it?

The regular Invisalign treatment involves wearing aligners on both the upper and lower teeth to correct the malocclusion problem. However, with the single arch Invisalign treatment, you will only need to wear aligners on one specific arch based on your need.

Like the regular Invisalign treatment, you will need to change your aligners regularly, usually weekly, to ensure that your teeth on the arch move as desired.

Note: Not everyone is eligible for single row treatment with Invisalign. The decision will solely depend on your dentist and needs.

Most times, before your dentist decides whether you need a single arch treatment for your upper or lower teeth, they will examine your occlusion and your overall needs.

In what cases do Invisalign treatment for only the upper or lower teeth work?

Treating only one row of teeth with Invisalign is usually most suitable for people with a few misaligned teeth in front and want to try cosmetic procedures to correct their smile. People with more severe cases like cross-bite or open bite will need to undergo more intensive treatment, including adjusting both arches. Our dentist will help you determine if you are suitable for the single arch Invisalign treatment.

You may be eligible to use Invisalign for only your top or bottom arch if you are treating:

  • Minor gaps or spaces between your teeth
  • Teeth sticking out of alignment
  • Your smile zone teeth
  • Relapse after a previous orthodontic treatment
  • A slightly crooked front teeth

Depending on how severe your case is, your orthodontist may recommend you go for Invisalign short term aligners (which uses 4 to 6 months) or the long-term treatment, which may last over a year. Whatever treatment option you’re given, if you must achieve the results within the soonest possible time, you must strictly follow the instruction of your orthodontist.

The risks involved in treating only the upper or lower teeth with single arch Invisalign

The relationship between your teeth is exact. So, when they are closed against each other, they exert a specific amount of pressure. However, this relationship is tampered with when only one row of the teeth is adjusted by straightening.  When biting or chewing, more pressure will be exerted on certain teeth than the others.  This can cause tooth wear, toothache, and TMJ pain when not correctly done. This is why orthodontists have to carefully examine the effect of the treatment on the entire bite for every case.

For instance, when using the single arch Invisalign treatment for your upper or lower teeth, our expert orthodontists ensures that the change in one arch doesn’t affect your overall bite. For regular treatment, the opposite arch is usually considered concerning the movement of the other. However, orthodontists find it challenging to make this significant movement in the teeth when treating only one arch.

In regular treatment, dentists usually employ elastic or rubber bands and other attachments to ensure that they adjust both arches. However, the Invisalign single arch treatment option doesn’t provide that option.

This doesn’t mean that it is not helpful. If your treatment is only for a minor adjustment or purely aesthetic, you can still go for the single arch method.

Nevertheless, since the single arch Invisalign treatment is mainly targeted at adjusting the upper or lower front teeth, it moves the teeth without changing the opposing teeth.

The cost of getting an Invisalign treatment

The cost of Invisalign treatment is based on different factors in which the case’s complexity is one of them.

This is because it determines the number of aligners you will use and the duration of the treatment. Another factor is whether you are using short-term orthodontics(cosmetic teeth straightening treatments) or intend to straighten all your teeth. Depending on these needs, you may have to go for specific braces or extra methods and appliances, which may be more expensive.

This is why you need to visit Adult Braces London to know the exact quote when planning for an Invisalign treatment.

It is usually more affordable to have the single arch Invisalign treatment, but the exact amount will depend on the type of braces you choose. Though the price may not be exactly half the total treatment cost, it is still lowered since you will need only a few supplies and appliances.

You can obtain complimentary Invisalign consultations from Adult Braces London. You will learn about the various types of braces, what is needed to qualify for them, and the estimated treatment time.

We will tell you about all the costs involved during this consultation, so you make up your mind about the most suitable for your pocket.

If you do not have your dental treatment covered by insurance, we will offer you flexible and affordable payment options to get Invisalign treatment at ease.

Have a straightforward Invisalign treatment

Adult braces London offers Invisalign treatment for upper or lower teeth only for adults or teens who do not need full mouth orthodontic treatment. Improving the front teeth alignment makes it easier to achieve a perfect and straighter smile that you can proudly show off daily.

Also, you will get the little advantages attached to using the removable and easy to clean Invisalign aligners. Don’t forget they are also invisible, plus you will not need those excess trips to our office.

If you are a right candidate of invisalign invisible braces, contact Adult Braces London and book an appointment with us.

We will gladly answer your questions and help you choose the most suitable treatments type and payment option.