Importance of a Healthy Sleeping Cycle

Importance of a healthy sleeping cycle

Sleeping is an important life process and good sleep can work wonders in a person’s health and well being. Sleep is considered as important as eating a healthy diet or exercising.

Most people nowadays ignore the health benefits of sleep. A sedentary lifestyle coupled hectic work schedule and stress render many people around the world sleepless and frustrated most of the time.

This behavior leads to the development of several ailments and diseases in due course of time. Sleeping rejuvenates the body and mind and prepares the body for strenuous work the next day. Not getting enough sleep can leave a person confused and can severely impact their productivity and health.

There are several over-the-counter medicines for inducing sleep in a person; however, they fall under Schedule X drugs and can only be accessed at a retail or online pharmacy with a valid prescription from a doctor.

Why is a Good Sleep Necessary?

There various reasons why sleeping the full cycle is important.

Some reasons include:

1) Poor sleep quality may lead to weight gain. People who sleep less tend to gain more bodyweight than those who sleep the full cycle. Sleeping increases the metabolic rate and lets the body absorb more nutrients from the food and utilize it to release energy; however, people who sleep less often complain with indigestion and irritability as sleeping less gives the body less time to absorb nutrients and release energy.

2) Effects your concentration power. Those who sleep adequately have concentrated more in their work than those who do not sleep adequately. Sleeping the full cycle helps the brain to recalibrate and rest. However, not sleeping enough leaves the brain tired for the next day which leads to poor attention quality, thus affecting the concentration of a person.

3)Enhances physical wellbeing. Longer sleep duration helps in improving several aspects of athletic and physical performance. People who sleep more tend to feel more energetic with their muscles rested and ready for hard work.

4)Less vulnerable to cardiovascular risks. People who sleep more have been reported to be less susceptible to stroke and heart attacks. However, those who do not get quality sleep run a high risk of developing heart or cardiovascular issues in the future, which may lead to a heart attack or stroke.

5) Higher chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Poor sleep quality can have a severe impact on the body’s metabolism rate and leads to more pressure on the pancreas to release more insulin to counteract elevated blood sugar levels. This, in turn, leads to functionality reduction of the pancreas thus increasing the chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

6) Poor sleep can lead to the development of depression and psychotic behavior. It has been reported that people who sleep less have a higher chance of having depression and other neurological conditions than those who get an adequate amount of sleep.

7) Sleeping pattern is directly related to a person’s immunity. People who sleep more have been found to be immune to several health conditions than those who do not sleep properly or have sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea or insomnia.


A good sleep pattern is quintessential for good health status and is often considered to be as important as a healthy diet or exercising. Sleep disorders can wreak havoc on a person& physical, mental, and emotional well being. Hence, it is important to consult a physician if one is having trouble sleeping.