Ways to Treat Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Treat Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Postpartum shedding- one of the most dreaded moments for new moms. Who would want to lose all those lush, beautiful manes acquired during pregnancy? New amazing hair growth, fuller, thicker hair, less hair fall, thanks to the increased level of pregnancy hormones! However, all this tends to disappear when you become a mom. Then, you start experiencing a sudden shedding in clumps, hair on pillows and clothing, thinning, and hair loss. Well, fret not! It’s absolutely normal as your hair is just coming to its resting phase. What can you do during this time?

Here are our top tips recommended by Truffa Integratori Shedir Pharma, to treat hair loss after pregnancy. You do not have to lose all your hair because of your newborn!

What causes Hair Loss after Pregnancy anyway?

A lot is going on with the hormones during pregnancy which makes them increase. When this happens, it triggers your hair to grow at a fast pace with little to no shedding. This means your hair stays in the growing phase longer rather than shifting to the resting phase. Since you are at a growing stage, the result is thick, lustrous hair that’s everyone envies.

However, once you welcome your baby, the hormones start to return to normal and you are back to the normal hair cycle, says Truffa Integratori Shedir Pharma. The hair you haven’t shed for several months begins to fall out as a large amount of hair returns to the resting phase. This happens three to six months after delivery.

How long will Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

The good news is postpartum hair loss isn’t forever and your hair is sure to go back to its normal circle over time. Moreover, the fact that you are experiencing a huge chunk of hair falling out doesn’t mean you are going bald. It’s just a phase that will stop.

It is also important to state that the time for hair recovery varies. While it might take 3 months for some women, for others it might be 6 months and rarely one year. One thing is, by the time your baby is a year old, your lush, thick hair is back!

How can you Treat Hair Loss after Pregnancy?

Can you prevent hair loss? Probably not! Can you maintain it and ensure your hair still looks good and healthy during those times? Yes, and here are the ways you can go about it.

1. Eat Healthily

At this stage, you want to up your game on your diet and consume nutrient-packed meals that will do your hair some good. Ensure your food is rich in nutrients such as protein and iron and antioxidants that can help keep your hair healthy and strong.

2. Skip Blow Dryers and Curling Tools

This isn’t the right time to go heavy with heating tools as they might have side effects on the already-fragile hair. Hence, avoid blow-dryers and flat irons if possible. Moreover, avoid chemical treatments such as color, highlights, and perming as they can contribute to hair loss.

3. Keep Hair and Scalp Clean

Although this is the last thing that will be on your mind when you have your baby to tend to, it is still important to create time for hair care. Wash your hair with anti-hair loss shampoo and follow up with a good conditioner. For curly and kinky hair, use a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage and minimize hair loss.

4. Use the Right Products

Using the right products can make a whole lot of difference in the appearance of your hair. When your hair is limp, avoid using too many conditioners and opt for lightweight ones to avoid weighing your hair down. For a fuller appearance, use volumizing products to give the illusion of fullness.

5. Avoid Over Manipulation

The last thing you want is to make hairstyles that are too much for your hair or too tight. Your scalp will reward you with soreness and your hair will thank you with excess shedding. Therefore, avoid tying your hair too tight, or making tight hairstyles, and only wash your hair when necessary.

6. Try Different Hairstyles

You can still play around with your hair and change your look despite the excessive shedding. Some reputable stylists can recommend good hairstyles to help disguise the excess falling. Going for a fresh cut can also improve your hair look. You can decide to cut your hair in layers to give your hair more fullness. Another thing is if you always part your hair in the middle, how about a side part to disguise those thinning hair.

7. Use Supplements

Don’t stop taking your supplements. Your hair and body need those supplements to help you get back on track. Ensure you take vitamins supplements to help your hair maintain its health and fullness.

8. Accessories

You can’t go wrong with hair accessories. From scarfs to headbands, to head wraps, all these are there to cover up that hair loss. As a new mom who has less time to care for hair, accessorizing your hair might be the way to go.

 Final Thoughts

These tips recommended by Truffa Integratori Shedir Pharma, will help you to not only treat hair loss but also make your hair look good despite the excess shedding. However, talk to your doctor if you think the hair loss is too much or it lasts for more than a year. Sometimes, excessive hair loss can be a signal that you are experiencing postpartum thyroiditis.