Tips to Eat More Green Diet

Darren Ainsworth- Green Diet

I was already getting tired of these processed foods full of preservatives and additives that do more than good to my health. I told myself I will incorporate more green diet and fruits. Afterall, those vitamins and minerals are what is required by body not only to ward off diseases but also to stay strong and healthy.  However, my goal of more veggies tends to fall by the wayside a few weeks into the journey. Oops! Well, who do I blame? Is it the tight schedule that means I just get to pick out fries as dinners when hunger pangs come knocking? Or the grocery shelves that are mostly packed with these processed items, making them easy to buy on the go. Not to talk of the fact that taking veggies is something I found less appealing. 

Anyway, I decided that I have to do whatever it takes to make my health a priority and that involves diet changes. As a dietitian, I know there should be a way around it and I have come up with more proven ways to get started on a green diet and stick to it. Hence, I, Darren Ainsworth, your number one dietitian, provide tips on how to introduce more greens into your diet. 

Drink more greens

If you are not keen on crunching veggies like me, drink them. You can make them into smoothies, shakes or juices and drink your way to a healthy diet. You can include lettuce, celery, peas, kale, including plenty of delicious fruits to get a nutrient-packed drink. The good thing is these juices are easy to make and the vegetables can be easily found in the stores. Drinking healthy can’t be anyway better. 

Use veggie herbs for meal

Dried or fresh, herbs are amazingly nutrient-packed vegetables that can take your meal to another level. Various herbs such as basil, parsley, and rosemary will not only serve as a flavor that give great taste to your meal. They are on of the best green diet also packed with nutrients that are good for your health. 

Add them to meals

Another way to add veggies to your green diet is to include it in your meal plan. I have several times sneak veggies into my baked meal that its already becoming a normal thing to me. Sometimes I make it as an omelet and it’s quite easy. I beat up some eggs and I simply added tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, spinach. Sometimes mushrooms and any other great addition. 

Use pre-washed veggies

We have all been there, getting ready to prepare dinner after a long day and simply settling for a fast meal only because slicing vegetables alone can be tiring. Well, not anymore! There are a lot of pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables you can buy to make your meal preparation easier and faster. You can also opt for canned or frozen ones. However, if you are upto it, you can prepare your  veggies beforehand to be used for weeks or days. This way, you are likely to add them to your meal. 

Enjoy vegetable soup

Soup is another excellent way you can consume vegetables by adding as many as you like to the soup. You can puree the vegetables and add other essentials to make a veggie-based soup. You can also cook vegetables into your soup and take advantage of the fibers, minerals and vitamins that will help you to stay motivated and healthy all day. 

Snack on veggies

Craving for something to dip in the mouth? Veggies snack is the answer. And by this I don’t mean french fries or chips. There are various options such as cucumber, raw broccoli, carrot, avocado that can be paired with healthy fat like guacamole or peanut butter. One the easiest way I get to take green diet daily.