At Staglane Dental, We have Solution for all your Dental Problems

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Who doesn’t want to healthy and shinier set of teeth? It’s something that we all want to it have but very few get it, and the reason behind this is quite simple, we do not work at all for its betterment. There is a general saying that “If you want something very badly, you should work for it boldly”, but what we actually do for our teeth are quite opposite. We do all those stuff that is harmful to our teeth like: eating chocolates, junk foods, not brushing them properly, and above all, never visiting the dentist. The last one seems to be the biggest mistake which most of us do.

Tooth problems are of many types that include toothache, sensation, tooth stain, Dental Crowns Edgware, etc. Few take them seriously, while few just choose to ignore only to regret it later.

Why Dentist is so important:

When we feel unwell, we visit to doctor. Likewise, when we have any dental problem, the first person we should visit is our Dentist. The only difference is that, whether we have good teeth or a bad one, we should visit them regularly every 6 months.

Visiting dentists in a regular interval can do wonders to our oral health. Also, there are many dental problems that are not visible and don’t even cause pain, but in the long run, they become dangerous and cause oral cancer, cavities, etc. Dentists spot these problems early on and hence treatment is likely to be simpler and more affordable.

Let’s understand the kind of dental treatments we can have while visiting the dentist:

1) Dental Implants: Do you feel reluctant to talk in a group or with other people as you have missing teeth? If yes, then a dental implant is something you would want. It basically means the replacement of your whole tooth with the new one. A dental implant provides a strong base on your gum and fixes it in a way that it lasts long. All over the world, a dental implant is considered as the most effective and long term option for replacing the bad teeth and putting a smile on your face.

2) Crowns and bridges: Crowns are basically used to protect the structure of your teeth as it is a tooth-shaped caps placed over your teeth. Your dentist generally recommends a crown to restore a fractured and disfigured tooth.

Now come to bridges. Bridge therapy is done when you are missing one or more teeth. The gaps that are there in the absence of teeth cause utter discomfort while eating or even drinking water (as it produces sensation). A perfect dentist suggests bridges for lost teeth as the bridge works just like natural teeth.

3) Teeth Whitening: There are very few things more embarrassing than having yellow and pale teeth. You literally cannot open your mouth in front of the other people. By whitening your teeth you can improve your appearance dramatically. It boosts your self-confidence and enlightens your mood. Above all, it is really cost-effective which is really affordable to a normal person.

4) Dental Veneers: Many people say that Dental implants and veneers are the same, but there is a significant difference. While a Dental implant is a replacement for the damaged tooth, a veneer covers the existing one for cosmetic purposes. Veneers are basically done to cover the flaws.

Staglane dental is a Dentist Edgware based dental practice that offers a comprehensive range of general dental treatments at a very affordable price range. Here dentists and hygienists work together to ensure your good oral health.

The services that we provide at stag lane include Extraction, filling, denture, dental implant, teeth whitening, and many more. Apart from all these, we are now open to our beloved patients. Our staff members take all the necessary precautions and follow the guidelines.