What are the Reasons for Visiting a Cosmetic Gynaecologist?

Cosmetic Gynaecologist

Who is a Cosmetic Gynaecologist?

A cosmetic gynaecologist is an expert who addresses a female’s anatomical and functional problems related to the pelvic floor due to childbirth aging and other sexual abnormalities. Most of the women after multiple childbirth struggles with sexual complications and vaginal appearance. Cosmetic gynaecologists are pelvic floor specialists, experts to understand the ailment related to the pelvic floor and treat them with the best medical technologist.

Cosmetic gynecology has become a boon to treat women’s gynaecological problems. The Discovery of elective cosmetic surgery is a noticeable achievement in the field of medical science. This classic medical science involves gynaecohe pelvic floor specialists. Urology, urogynaecology, and urology. This arena of medical science includes both cosmetic procedures to improve the overall appearance of the vaginal/vulva region, and functional vaginal reconstruction to enhance or restore sexual function after the alteration that may take place after childbirth and aging.

Procedure the generally performed–

The fist treatment procedure covered by cosmetic gynaecology is vaginal rejuvenation which is performed to recover the vaginal laxity syndrome. It is scientifically proven that any kind of prolapse affects sexual function. if they get repaired, a sexual function is also recovered. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a vaginal tightening medical treatment to improve sexual function.

Women genital rejuvenation procedures also include aesthetic treatment to enhance the overall appearance of the vaginal region and external vulva. The treatment includes labia minora reduction or labiaplasty with or without elimination of excess prepuce, labia minora augmentation, reduction, vaginal pelvic floor repair for cosmetic problems, reduction of lipodystrophy in the pubis region. Labiaplasty is reported as the largest growing plastic or cosmetic treatment for females around the world.

Apart from Vaginal rejuvenation, they also perform queen ovarian rejuvenation therapy, vaginal reconstruction, hymenoplasty, G-spot augmentation, O-spot, and Labiaplasty.

Type of cosmetic gynecology procedure–

Queen ovarian rejuvenation therapy:

The ovaries are selectively ovulating every month with few numbers of primordial follicles. These follicles may deplete even at a prior stage leading to limited ovarian reserve or premature menopause. Now researchers have experimented with the combination of growth factors to stimulate dormant follicles. Medical science has already in an experiment with orthopedics and dermatology.

Vaginal reconstruction:

We have been told that vaginal reconstruction is the main procedure of cosmetic gynecology. The aging process reduces collagen production. However, laser vaginoplasty induces collagen production and promotes tissue production.


Hymenoplasty is performed to reconstruct the torn hymen. If a hymen is fractured accidentally or by trauma, it can create lifelong compilations. For women who struggle with hymenoplasty, doctors often suggest they choose hymenoplasty. It would provide hymen modification. It is a less invasive surgery with a high success rate.

At the first time of intercourse, hymen breaks its elasticity. It’s normal. But the damage of hymen tissue due to traumatic shock or accident requires medical treatment because it is a severe medical concern. If it does treat in time, it may cause serious issues.

G-spot augmentation:

G-spot augmentation is suitable for sexually active women with healthy sexual functions. This type of cosmetic gynecology surgery is performed by an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon in his clinic. Generally, it is done with local anesthesia. The patient may immediately return to her normal activities following this surgery.

The G-spot generally appears in the side of the vagina, near to stomach, behind the pubic bone. In this surgery, the doctor extends the G-spot to get more sexual pleasure. Though in 1950, The G-spot become controversial after Discovery, but this surgery has been accepted further for its effectiveness.

O Shot: 

The exact position of the O-spot is on the front of the vaginal floor, and it is associated with the internal ditoris structure. During sexual activity, O-shot stimulates women’s arousal and orgasm intensity. O-shot cosmetic surgery enhances the O-shot to improve sexual satisfaction, lubrication, and the capacity to orgasm at the time of vaginal intercourse.

Labia Plasty:

Labiaplasty, the synonymous medical term, is labiaplasty. It is performed to reduce labia minora, and labial. It is a well-known cosmetic procedure to change the inner labia (labia minora) and outer labia (labia majora). Majora is the fold of skin around the human vulva.

Labia plastic generally prescribed the patient with congenital conditions, including intersex, who feel physical discomfort with their gender or sexuality.

In this article, we have elaborated on what cosmetic gynaecology is and its function. If you are struggling with any genital or vulva-related problem, take consultation from the best cosmetic gynaecologist in Dubai.