Disinfecting Services To Avoid Coronavirus

Disinfecting services to avoid coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus has certainly forced countries to enforce strict routines and lockdown to bring the spread of infection under control and break the chain. This and so many other steps just to curb its spread and to put a leash on the expenditure for the healthcare services.

In case you are in a business or any vital service that needs to run even during the pandemic then you need to take precautions to protect yourself and your employees. Here, the disinfection services come in very vital. This will not only ensure good health but also better productivity. If your people in your premises are safe and well it would directly have a positive effect on the finance. This includes employees, visitors, and the public.

Once the lockdown is removed you will need to get your premises disinfected to give assurance to the people who will be returning to your place. If they are not sure about their safety, then who will want to get to work.

As Coronavirus is a rapidly spreading and highly infectious disease, people are scared to come out without any security. Today we have the vaccine but still, there is fear within people as to how to deal with it. CDC has stated specific preventive measures to deal with it. These stringent preventive methods should be practiced without fail.

These measures include thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects, especially those that are touched more frequently. Even after things start going back to normal there are still chances of more waves of Coronavirus infections coming in. This will spread as more and more people will come out to work and come in contact with others. To avoid such a disastrous scenario, we will have to continue with the hygienic practices and stay vigilant.

Disinfecting services are very essential not just for your but your employee’s or other staff’s safety. Before this pandemic, you might have had cleaning procedures but now they are all useless. Now the cleaning process must also include the prevention of infection irrespective of its size. It is suggested that one uses improved disinfection and sanitization services to minimize the infection and getting affected to Coronavirus.

Disinfecting the touchpoints

It is normal for one to use their hands while coughing and sneezing. Moreover, it’s our hands that are first to make contact with any surface. So, poor hygiene of our hands is one big problem as they spread the virus faster than anything else. The virus gets transmitted to another person with just one touch of the contaminated surface or object. Bringing the infected hand to the nose, mouth, or eyes gives direct entry to the germs to affect the immune system.

In public places such as corporate offices, schools, hospitals, retail shops, public shared transport, hotels have common touchpoints. Touching these points can infect your hands and later your body. Some of them are:

  • Supermarket trollies
  • Petrol pumps
  • Cash counters
  • Door handles
  • Kitchen or dining surfaces
  • Dustbins
  • Public toilet faucets, flush buttons
  • Water taps
  • Staircase rails, grab handles, handrails
  • Recycling places, junkyards
  • Public transport seats (buses, trains, shared auto, planes, etc.)

We don’t even understand how unknowingly we are risking getting contaminated from toilet sneeze and other bodily fluids as well. Coronavirus is quite similar to SARS CoV-2 where the virus was also found in the feces of the infected patients.

The toilet sneeze or the droplets left exposed while flushing contains micro-organisms too. They circulate in the washroom for quite some time, which later settled on the floor, walls, unprotected napkins, flush buttons, seats, and other places. So easily the germs transferred through the air that most of us can’t imagine their extent.

Pest Control

According to some studies germs are known to get transferred from an infected person to a healthy one within 2-4 hours through contaminated touchpoints. For that reason, it is crucial that regular cleaning and disinfection using A-grade products is carried out strictly. This will provide adequate protection to the staff from getting infected.

How to get rid of the COVID-19 virus?

When so much is happening all around us, sanitizing and disinfection of the surfaces play a crucial role in keeping us safe. Until and unless you have a Coronavirus safe environment, neither you nor your family and staff are going to be safe. If you are planning to bring in an effective sanitization and disinfection company to help in disinfecting the working space or home you may want to ask them the following question:

  • How long will it take the disinfection procedure to get over with?
  • Is my surrounding free from virus and are the surface safe to touch again?
  • Hygiene and virus control measures will have to be put in place instantly?
  • What strategy should be implemented to ensure robust hygiene standards in the organization?
  • How to comply with the changing regulations and safeguard ourselves from happening again?

There may be cleaners who might be taking their daily cleaning tasks seriously but dealing with the highly contagious virus can be very dangerous. To deal with it you will require someone with a high level of expertise and professional control measures to take care of the things.

Disinfection treatments for a safe environment

What the sanitization and disinfection service providers do is to first do a thorough survey of the site using proper methods. The survey will provide; risk assessment, method statement, and finally safe operating procedures.

They have different methods to deal with specific areas of contamination. For that, the service providers have disinfection technicians to disinfect the area using special equipment. Starting with the frequent touchpoints, they move on to sanitize and disinfect the whole place effectively. According to the norms, the disinfection services take care of using appropriate products and precautions for everyone’s safety.

These things cannot be done without prior training. In case of further doubts and queries, you can contact sanitizing and disinfecting services in Delhi, NCR. In knowledge lies the way of protecting oneself.