Align your Teeth with Invisible Braces


Dental problems are of many types, that include tooth decay, gum diseases, tooth pain, etc, but nothing is as embarrassing as crooked and misaligned teeth. The cause of these crooked teeth could be many, like a genetic problem, the early loss of baby teeth, the imbalance between upper and the lower jaw, facial injuries or childhood bad habits like thumb sucking, and many more.

Also, most of the people ignore this in an initial stage only to regret it afterward. If you facing this problem then you should be really alert as this is the sign of something very severe to come. Misaligned or crooked teeth have a big implication on your health like:

Tooth decay:  Those who have crooked teeth can easily relate to this problem. With teeth like this, it is very hard to brush them properly, as a result of this; bacteria often grow rapidly which eventually results in tooth decay.

Increases gum diseases: Crooked teeth automatically make you vulnerable to various gum diseases because as we know that in this situation bacteria tend to grow inside our mouth that lead to various gum diseases like bad breath and periodontal ones.

Tooth wear and injuries: Misaligned teeth often results in tooth wear injuries because of the regular tear between the upper and lower jaw.

Improper eating: This comes as the heaviest. Your crowded teeth affect your appetite as well and you would end up being high and dry while other people enjoy their favourite cuisines right in front of you.

You may argue that the problem of misaligned teeth can easily be sorted out just by wearing braces. But let’s be very frank, the majority of the people don’t want to wear braces. The reason is simple; they do not want to ruin their looks. Yes, this is true, there is a common perception that wearing specs and braces makes you look uncool and people consider you like a book wormer.

With the advent of new technologies, everything now has a solution, and these braces are no different.

Situated in Catford district (southwest of Lewisham), Hillview dental and laser Centre is known for its best dental treatments all over the place. At Hillview Centre, we have come up with a new invisible braces technology also known as Invisalign that treats your crooked teeth without any hassle. Also as the name suggests, these braces are invisible and even a person sitting next to you could not recognize whether you are wearing braces or not.

Invisalign are made of clear aligners. Your Dentist in Lewisham would attach them to your teeth using the bonding technique. This causes very little pain and the whole process requires only a few minutes.

With invisible braces that have become so prevalent, it is now clear that they have many advantages. So let’s discuss them:

  1. Straight teeth: Let’s start with the most obvious one. Braces are definitely used to straighten your teeth. They close the gap between your teeth and prevent the clustered look. By doing so they enhance your personality and you would feel more confident both physically and mentally.
  2. Eradicate oral problems: As discussed above, most of the oral problems happen because of the shape of your teeth. Once your teeth are straightened, all these problems become the afterthought, and you can lead a healthy life.
  3. Eat what you want: Wearing braces improve your ability to eat. You would now be able to eat your favourite food without much problem.

After knowing the importance and so many benefits of braces, we hope that you would definitely try them for the betterment of your teeth.

Apart from the dental treatments, Hillview Centre also provides Anti-Ageing treatment in Catford at a very affordable price range.