After Hours Care Center Services


In urgent care at urgent care Dansville, temporarily closed, the primary care office is closed for a short period, and an after-hours care center is opened. After-hours care and urgent care are designed to meet the insured’s needs who cannot afford traditional health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or private individual plans. The main objective of urgent care is to help people with high medical needs to get care while they wait to receive it from a doctor’s office. This service helps patients to access needed health care in an emergency.

Patients can get free tests and treatment, medications, and referrals. After Hours Care, a medical technician or nurse practitioner will begin lab tests and laboratory tests, if necessary, and x-rays may be performed at either location. In the after hours center, nurses and doctors can refer patients to specialists. This referral often involves taking the patient to another doctor’s office, where they will be seen by another health care professional. However, there are some cases when after-hours care can take patients right to the hospital, especially if they do not have health insurance.


After Hour Care Provides Different Services For Patients

After-hours care centers provide several services for patients. They offer medication refills, appointment scheduling, medical check-ups, pharmacy services, and more. At urgent care and after-hours care centers, a doctor may offer some diagnostic testing as well. These services can often save money since most patients can get their medication refilled or even tested out at a nearby drug store.

In much after-hours care and urgent care facilities, a patient’s family members may also be allowed to see their loved one. This means seeing them in their home setting, so the patient’s relatives can manage their own time and finances. If after-hours care centers are staffed with Licensed Health Care professionals, patients and families can speak directly to the doctors and nurses at any time of the day or night.

Some Other Services Provides By After Hour Care

Some after-hours care centers offer emergency transportation for patients, whether they have to leave their homes or need to go to another town. In urgent care and after-hours care centers, a staff member usually stops by each patient’s home to ensure that they get to the doctors’ appointments they have scheduled. And they arrive on time for those appointments. In the case of emergencies, they may be able to call an ambulance or use a local company to pick up the patient and bring them to the emergency room for treatment.

At many after-hours care centers, the patients are also allowed to return home or to their cars. During these visits, a family member, known as a caretaker, takes the patients to the doctor and pharmacy to refill their prescriptions. Most of the time, patients are also encouraged to bring their prescriptions to ensure that they get their medicine on schedule while allowing the Caregivers to manage their expenses. Sometimes a family member is required to drive the patient home if they have no other transportation.

Contact Your Primary Care Provider About An After-Hours Care

No matter your medical needs, you should contact your primary care provider about an after-hours care center if you are uninsured and have not heard back from a doctor. Once you have been seen, you will be given a list of doctors to contact if you have questions, but your primary care provider can also be a great resource in getting you the best care from an excellent after-hours care center.

After-hours care center services vary greatly depending on the type of program, which may include. Still, they are not limited to spaying or neutering dogs, playing musical CDs for patients to listen to while waiting, giving patients personal training lessons, or offering therapy sessions. This type of care center is also often referred to as an extended-care facility. This type of care facility offers everything the patient and their family could want to visit the doctor. And the emergency room.



These types of facilities are often privately owned and run. Many have a variety of programs designed to meet all your needs. The prices charged will depend upon the length of time the patient will need the service. Although some are more expensive than others, some are quite affordable.